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Amber Lounge
Amber Lounge
388 Lonsdale St, Melbourne

good looking chiks
N, Mon Dec 17 22:53:22 2007
23 Past
amira, ice skating, Fri Oct 19 11:07:17 2007
DJs who actually have talent. Sexy Venue Great Staff, Greater Crowd.
F, Richmond, Thu Oct 18 19:12:31 2007
Amber Rox : ) : )
TT, Essendon, Wed Oct 3 13:05:51 2007
Frikin cool as, quality crowd but between the on/of 1/2 hour drink specials that go late drinks are like $7, generous shots and good beer but without tap beer and cheap tequila whats a group o college students to do. Definitely be back for another big nite when sick o normal slumming.
Davina, preston, Mon Oct 1 10:01:14 2007
Easily the best new place for RnB, great to know that there is a place to go after bond. Great Djs, Great Place, Great Crowd. Easily the place for me.
Gabriella, south melbourne, Wed Sep 26 11:56:18 2007
Intimate and Inviting, with secluded nooks, open areas, two bars and cushy booths its a down to earth yet glammerous club. Booths, Nooks, great toilets, great DJ talent whos no attitude, open ears and actual talent warm you far greater than the usual self involved lunchbox legends most Djs have become. When the crowds pile in and the music starts pumping if you want to venture forth from your comfortable nook the segmented floor, DJ booth on wheels, traveling mike, ceramic poles, podiums and two cages allow the beast within to unleash the beauty without.

ShosanaMillana, south melbourne, Mon Sep 17 13:55:20 2007
I like the music and i've become a regular there so i know heaps of people. its
fun coz everyone is really friendly.. AND best of all, there are always good
drink specials..!!
Catherine, Yarraville, Tue Mar 22 04:02:53 2005
It's not bad inside... but there are so many other clubs in Melbourne that are
100X better (Seven, Chaise, 161...) Some (Not all) of bouncers and door staff
have a real attitude problem too...
gsos, cbd, Wed Feb 18 15:10:51 2004
The atmosphere is friendly, and the music is great
Suzanne, Forest Hill, Tue Jun 10 05:29:07 2003
Arrived at Amber about 9.30, only expecting to stay a short while. It was quiet
early, but filled up rapidly making me stay much longer. Good quality after work
crowd (23-30), which is taken over later by a good quality party crowd (20-25).
Good DJs spinning plenty of current favourites with a few oldies.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Tue Jun 3 08:24:35 2003
August 30, 2002
There are too many good clubs in Melbourne these days. It is amazing how long it takes me to get to some of them. Amber has had a great reputation since it opened, but this was my first opportunity to visit, and it was pretty impressive.

It has a good classy feel about. Friday is designed to be an afterwork party, and that suits the venue. It has a moody feeling to it, which is perfect to create a classy feeling, so you would feel at ease wearing your suit there after work, or your shirt and pants later in the night. What I like about it, though, is that it is not pretentious unlike most similar nights.

The crowd is a mix of suits in afterwork, and later on it relaxes. However, the crowd maintains an average age between 24 and 30. Without the pretentiousness of other venues, it is a very friendly crowd, and easy to have a good night.

Though we arrived fairly late, I understand that it fills pretty early after work, and maintains that through until a second wind at about 11. It stayed pretty busy until about 4am.

Amber Lounge is one reasonably large room, with about three sections; the lounge, the bar, and the dancefloor. You enter off Lonsdale Street, pay the $8 covercharge, and go down the stairs. You are immediately struck by the stylish amber glow of the room. To your right is the main bar (normal to high prices) and standing area. To your left is the lounge which is a collection of large booths. In front of you is the large dancefloor.

At the far end of the dancefloor is the DJ booth, positioned so it is difficult to make requests, not that you need to. The DJ plays a pretty superb mix of popular house, and groovy RnB favourites. The dancefloor stays busy all night long. There isn't anything over the top in the way of lighting (except the dusty mirror balls), but the room has an atmosphere of its own.

I was pretty impressed by Amber Lounge, and might try to make it a bit of a Friday regular. I just loved the type of crowd, a bit of style without pretentiousness. It is definitely worth a look.

Ben Clissold