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21st Century

1 Davey St, Frankston
Night name:Crave
Music:Alternative, Com/Top40, Party/Retro, RnB/Funk, Bands
Short desc.:Danceclub and band venue with potential
Age group:
Correct at:Oct 27 ‘10 (Max Moose)
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gonna miss it. i saw my mates And f'n sexy guys
lauren, cranbourne, Sat Feb 2 22:28:11 2008
01.02: Last night @ the 21st
Also, for those who missed it... The 21st Century is closing on Friday after 22 years. That's the end of the revolving dancefloor.
John Course, Andy Van, Funky Col, Scott Gardner & Clint Wood will be DJing the last night.
It seems that the place will be renovated.

Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed Jan 30 17:07:40 2008
its just fun to dance at and meet new people
Samantha, Cranbourne, Fri Nov 9 17:41:10 2007
plays mad music lights are mad. the whole vibe is awesome
Peta, Chelsea Heights, Tue May 22 04:52:37 2007
umm i dont mind the twenty first its not as tacky as people say it is. the line
goes really quick and we get into the club quite qwickly. The music in the main
club part is the standard issue house and other well known songs. the pool
tables are cool shame bout the condition of the surfaces. umm the pelly bar band
that usually plays on a satdy night finish with the living end which really gets
the crowd pumping. shame that the whole club has minimal drink specials.
SKUZ, frankston south, Fri Jan 13 19:50:17 2006
18.11: Pre-Schoolies Party
Mr Timothy & Dirty South and much more....
will be fun as will ministry of sound next week!!!
kw, Frankston, Fri Nov 18 01:51:08 2005
26.11: Ministry Of Sound Tour
Ministry of Sound tour this Friday 26/11/04. Should be good. John Course, Grant
Smillie, Andy Van and much much more by the looks of it. C U there..........
Clint T, Seaford, Mon Nov 22 03:18:21 2004
last tym i went on a fri, there was about 4 pple there
Shauna, Mt. Eliza, Mon Aug 23 22:02:30 2004
I think frankston 21st has changed, it actually use to be good!! Now there are
just too many underagers. So i dont go anymore.. and the music needs to be
updated to 2004 new music..........
withheld, Wed Jun 9 08:21:21 2004
Saturdays at the 21 have always been huge, now Fridays are set to burn as well.
Brace yourself for FLIRT FRIDAYS in the Brand New Pelly. INFERNO play the
hottest covers & party tunes, and it's definitely Ladies Night with free
Illusion Shakers upon entry (b4 11) for the finer sex. Also check-out our all
new Daiquiris - 6 flavours, only $5 a glass - and our monthly Ladies Parties
with giveaways and prizes. Oh yeah, guys welcome 2!
FLIRTING from 12th March 04 @ the 21.
21st Century, Frankston, Sun Feb 22 15:58:44 2004
I went down to checkout the susposed 21st RnB night. I think that some1 forgot
to tell the DJ's. The music was really bad just like a normal night not any real
RnB. I think you guys need to decide if you are gonna do a commerial night or an
RnB night.
withheld, frankston, Sun Jul 20 17:53:28 2003
just coz its local for me, variety of music, i mostly like the Pelly Bar on a
friday coz it plays heaps good songs that RoCk!
melissa, langwarrin, Thu May 29 09:58:53 2003
Coz you got a mixture of music with a great band in the pelli bar
lynda, cranbourne, Fri Mar 14 05:44:09 2003
The best local club for those fellow frankstonites that live in funkytown or
close by. With 3 main rooms, featuring band/alternative in teh pelly, house in
sub club and top 40 commercial r n b in the main room... it proves to be a sat
regualar occurance. Entry before 11 is awarded with an 18 dollar drink card...
and with many discount cards available bourbon can range from $3.70 - 5.10.
personally, i go there most saturdays... the crowd is young again, the music is
great.. the lighting displays are awesome, and with guests such as Master Kaos
appearing from bass station, who could go wrong...
Lena, Frankston, Sat Oct 19 11:33:11 2002
Band change/update again, it is now Crave (2.8.02)

The bands have changed since this review. Load now headline the gig (13.4.01)

August 30, 2002
Frankston has an interesting reputation, but like most reputations, it is a little undeserved. I will admit I had to go home early, but the crowd seemed well behaved to me, not too dissimilar from Hallam Hotel’s Thursday crowd. The main reason for this is that the Voodoo Surf Gods play at both, and both have a student audience, although there were more people aged 22+ here.

Do surfers like pelicans? The Surf Gods play in the Pelly Bar, which is attached to one of the more unique dance venues in Melbourne. They play their usual mix of alternative, indie, and grunge to a surfy crowd. There was way too much flannel and too many Hawaiian shirts for my liking in the Pelly Bar, but the Dance Club was much better. It was really clubby, well dressed girls, and even some guys put in a bit of effort. It has reputation as a Frankston hangout, but people do travel a fair way to get there.

The crowd age was quite mixed throughout. The Pelly Bar was mainly 18-23, whilst the Dance Club was 18-27 primarily. At times the crowd seemed almost a little too friendly (beware of single 27 year olds), but generally well natured and fun. I found it hard to believe how early the crowd arrived, because there was enough people there at 10:15 to start a party. By 12:30 it was comfortably busy, without being packed.

The venue itself is rather unique. The attached Pelly Bar is quite small, with one busy bar. The Dance Club is one of the more impressive looking rooms anywhere. It is not dissimilar to the main room at Jooce, except it is slightly bigger, lighter, and better presented. It has five areas: the dancefloor, a sports bar, a collection of booths with tables, an open lounge area, and glassed in bar. The decor, lighting and so on are very moody, and create a classy vibe. The sports bar and lounge area feature pool tables, and plenty of space to lounge around. There is plenty of seating as well, and the bars were quite easy to access, although it would different if the place was jam packed. Prices seemed quite reasonable at the bar, with discounts for Monash Uni ID holders. The $6 cover charge was okay for the entertainment.

The best part of the entertainment was the dancefloor. It is revolving, and is a complete spinout the first time you hit it. It is completely disorienting, but fun, because you can peruse the whole club. The dancefloor is right in the middle of the room, and has one of those ‘80s plasma balls in the middle. The DJ is stationary on the edge of the dancefloor, and is quite accessible for requests.

But he does not need much help. He started with one of the rarer R&B mixes I have heard, and flowed it well into commercial dance, with a little party music to keep you happy. He occasionally overdid the mixing, but was quite reasonable despite the speaker distortion problems. The lightshow was also disappointing given the volume of equipment that was unutilised. It could be spectacular.

That last comment reflects the place brilliantly. The place looks and feels as good as Metro, Jooce, or Redhead. If the crowd was bigger, or a touch classier it would be great. I was surprised it was as good as it was, and would have no problems returning there some time. If you live in Frankston, it would be pretty hard to say no to.

Susan J