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Favourite Closed Nights



Various Venues

I loved the atmosphere, the staff and i miss metro dearly
Alleisha, Carrum Downs, Thu Jun 5 20:04:59 2008
Jooce....ha ha it was the best!!
Madeline, croydon, Mon Jul 10 19:53:25 2006
i miss furnace... it's crappy because now there's only blitz or the pub if you
want to go somewhere really local, unless you want to go to dandenong... it's
hard when it's so expensive to taxi home from the city, or someone has to
volunteer to drive.
Laura, Sat Jun 17 22:35:04 2006
Nothing has or will rival the Hallam for sustained greatness and a place to go
when you can't be bothered going to the city on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday.
Bobby's also gets an honourable mention. Was some night.
Crazy Craig, Blackburn, Mon May 29 12:30:39 2006
mark, Keysborough, Mon May 22 16:25:38 2006
Bobbys - back in the Matt Browne days....where is he??
Brett Jiggins, Sydney, Thu May 18 19:53:02 2006
metro saturdays used to rock! what the hell happend? went to adelaide for 2
years came back and it was dead!
Squitso, Diamond Creek, Tue May 16 20:35:12 2006 still in mourning :(
me, narre warren, Tue Apr 25 14:52:47 2006
Chevron was fantastic and the hallam wasnt bad for a friday night in the suburbs
Mish, Patterson Lakes, Tue Apr 25 14:34:29 2006
CHEVRON was the ultimate!!! God I miss that place :(
ya mum, @home, Fri Apr 14 12:23:25 2006
The sandy friday nites! the best $2 entry! great dancing and no idiots!
Emz, Fri Mar 31 10:26:06 2006
majik at zos on saturdays was the best, i used to love it. now they have
nothing, its so boring. bring it back
elise, richmond, Wed Mar 22 16:45:17 2006
Nick, Mon Mar 6 10:05:19 2006
KGB!! Bring it back!
Shane, Mooza B, Mon Mar 6 08:59:49 2006
Would definatly have to be the Hallam, still havent found a place that rivals it
Turmoil, Mon Mar 6 08:01:37 2006
Yeah I miss Bobby's too. It was just amazing. I also miss Redhead. The Thursday
nights there were unbelievable.
Alicia, Northcote, Sat Mar 4 02:25:51 2006
This little brown Moose's favourite night that is no longer open would have to
be Monday nights at Bobby's - hospitality night. It was the most fun night ever
thanks to the entertainers. The crowd was the best around - not snobby or
pretentious, but very easy on the eye. It was just great.
I also miss Wild Billls Wednesday and Metro when its Saturday was massive.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Fri Mar 3 18:52:38 2006
Let's add some forums to this here site. What is your
favourite night that in no longer open?

Ben Clissold, MaxMoose, Fri Mar 3 18:13:22 2006