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Sadly, Bobby’s is making way
for a brand new venture :-(


To win a VIP Package on the night of the Bobby’s Grand Finale extravaganza on July 4th, simply tell us your favourite Bobby’s story. Entries close Wednesday 2nd July 5pm and the best 10 applicants will be contacted (so leave a valid phone number). The best 10 stories will be read out on the Grand Finale night and the winner must be present to receive the VIP Package.

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Your favourite stories about Bobby McGee’s...

The first night that medallions were given out and my friend got 001, Tally got
007, and I got 021 (I think). My medallion was later confiscated from my ex
boyfriend who had it on his key ring. A piece of history gone, onto Carmens
desk, never to be seen again...
Mercedes Goddard, Mudgeeraba, Mon Jun 7 13:27:14 2004
David, M*A*S*H has officially shifted to F4. Different style of venue, but many
of the people are the same.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed Nov 19 02:51:23 2003
Loved the MASH nites. Will they return? Have they been moved somewhere
else??????. Would love to know....please email me
David Pellicci, Tue Nov 18 22:32:00 2003
My favourite was also my first experience at bobby's. i'd turned eighteen that
day three years ago and my friends took me to a secret location-BOBBY'S!!! It
was the beginning of a beuatiful friendship thanks heaps Bobby's, I'll love you
Bronwyn Cray, belgrave heights, Tue Sep 16 13:49:18 2003
On my first date late last year, we were have some difficulty in
communicating... well, truthfully hitting it off at all and both prepared to
give it a miss. Our meal at the flower drum had cost us $205 which made it
such a waste, the trip to the observation deck had seemed to be
romantic....until we got there!!!! A ride in a horse and carriage was bumpy in
silence (I had always sworn to marry the first man to take me on one) a bottle
of Moet Chandon at the highett was thought to lift our moods.... strucj out
once again. We were at a complete loss.... both wasted our night it was
agreed. As we walked down the street back to the car, Bobby's sign caught my
eye. My value of time is precious and I thought maybe, we would meet some
other people so it would not be such a waste, I knew Bobby's was a fantastic
venue and always alot of fun.
We ventured up the stairs to find the music pumping to and audience of
two!!!!!.. US!!!!! It was quite funny and both laughed. We sat down to have a
few drinks anyway and somehow melted, stayed till close laughing and sharing
stories and dancing alone on the massive dance floor.
Well, we are engaged and will be married at the end of the year. It is amazing
how things can turn around in an instant... just require a brilliant
Aaiyliah, maribyrnong, Wed Aug 6 00:50:57 2003
Ahhh, so sad it is. So much fun I have had and BMG's.
My hen's party in 94 was a bus tour. Lovely comedian, not so lovely strippers
but over all comlete and utter pain in the behind moving from club to club.
Then arriving and Bobby's, felt like I was home!!!.. twenty women on the bus
were ready to move on. The bar staffhad been so friendly and accomadating, my
sister and I wanted to stay. We asked where we could hide and were taken behind
the bar, no one found us sitting on the grog soaked floor!!!!! We enjoyed the
rest of the night completely leading the room in a tango and meeting many new
people. After closing we were lucky enough to book a vacant room where quite a
few came to celebrate my last night of freedom. Another one bites the dust
became my theme song!!!
tamika dalgleish, maribyrnong, Wed Aug 6 00:41:15 2003
Watching Steve Richards fall flat on his face whilst trying his best James Bonnd
moves on the dance floor.....
Jason Kelly, Coburg, Wed Jul 9 22:05:41 2003
i decided to celebrate my 18th birthday at bobby's after my brother recommending
it. None of my friends had been there before and even my parents came along for
the fun! being my birthday Bobby's provided me and my friends with great
hospitality, i was even called onto the dance floor by the MC. Bobby's showed me
what true parting was and myself and friends continued to come many times
afterwards, thank-you Bobby's and good luck in the future
Gemma Muddle, box hill sth, Fri Jul 4 14:44:12 2003
Just to let you guys know what this means to me and my pals… "Fridays and
Bobbys" used to be the catchcry for me and my girls and we were humbled by being
known by the doormen as "The Dancing Girls." We've had the best times here,
though we knew the end was near when we would come at 10:00pm and you were
Nothing compared to Fridays at Bobbys, thank you for that. We'll miss Johnnie
for always playing our requests, the business people that danced in their suits,
the best happy hour in Melbourne and the “vacant” atmosphere that was purely
Bobbys on a Friday. When my friend gently broke the news to me, we both wailed
and moaned into the phone for over half an hour! An era has passed! Thank you
Bobbys! I’ll always remember you with a smile… :)
Crystal, Oakleigh East, Fri Jul 4 13:38:34 2003
We always came to hospitality night every Monday for about four years 95 - 98.
We made up fake payslips and in we came. That was back before the DJ's started
playing techno and the crowds left because of it. We went when they played
Hugh Grayson, Bonnie Tylerand Old School crap like Milli Vanilli and Bros, and
the crowd knew all the words and all loved it. Anyway I hope you get back to
the old stuff in the new era, and bring the crowds back. The story I want to
tell was about that Asian girl who always danced on the podium. She always wore
a tight skirt and looked hot, but......we always wondered if she was deaf,
beacuse she had no rhythm and looked like she was dancing to a different song.
Can you please confirm if indeed she was actually deaf ???
Ben Jackson, Wed Jul 2 16:24:15 2003
Seeing as I've hardly missed a week of Bobby's in 2 years, it's impossible to
isolate one story that's better than the rest. During these years I've been
attacked by a lesbian on the podium, got my thong stuck in the stairs, locked my
keys in my car and been trapped in the Rydges car park. I've also been chased by
a mad woman who thought she was a seagull and even been kicked out for calling
the girl at the door a "Door Bitch". My highlight has been the weekly sweat
filled break dance from the famous "dancing tony" and watching every drunken
tool who thinks he's Michael Flately try to out-do him! A dedication to "Seich"
from Johnny and the F**king good times at the bar have always ensured a good
start to my week. R.I.P. Bobby's.
Deanne Catmull, Alphington, Wed Jul 2 00:43:22 2003
A group of us met before heading in Bobby's on our regular Monday night bender.
But this particular Monday was going to be a little different, it was the Brutt
33 worst pick up line possible night. We carefully followed the directions on
the back of the bottle "apply liberally" & thats what we did. We were all
assigned classic pick up lines like, Can I buy you a drink or do you just want
the money? Or I wish you were a door so I can bang you all night long etc etc.
We were then all assigned targets which were to be courted & done when all were
within ears distance. 2 of us were encounted different forms of grevious bodily
harm & for 3 of us there was success, stench & all. I do recall my victim
asking me what stinks? There was only one thing to do buy a Bobby's illusion
shaker. Later in the eving we felt that our lethal potentcy had faded so we
went to 7/11 to find a top up, the closest we could come up with was listerine!
The remainder of the bottle was used to top up un suspecting peoples drinks!
Overall it was a very funny evening we still reminise over from time to time.
Stewart Oldmeadow, Ivanhoe, Tue Jul 1 11:54:09 2003
Where would l start, there is so many. One would be the day l started, my
borther darren help me get a position as he was a bartender here.
And the time l was bartending too, l was in the beach bar, and there was a girl
l was dating at the time she reached over the bar and kissed me, her ungel was
in at the time too, and saw it, he call me over and said " You better look after
her as she is my neice" I replyed " Oh like another Chivers Mr. Bourke.
Mr. Bourke was a regular.
Michael Noone, Mon Jun 30 16:14:37 2003
Ode To Bobby's Monday
Pcking one of our favourites,
Was just too hard to do.
In the two years we've been going,
there's more than just a few.
Remember when the power went out,
And we stayed dancing on the floor.
We kept singing our little hearts out.
But you quickly showed us the door.
Yeah, the drinks were always good,
And the comps were always fun.
But hearing our songs dedicated to us,
Geez Johnny you're a gun.
We've been Livin' On A Prayer,
That this day would never come.
But Mr. Jones and me,
Will remember all the fun.
So Throw Your Arms Around Me,
As we say our last goodbyes.
And don't even try to tell us,
That this ain't paradise.
We've had The Time Of Our Lives...
Stacey and Cass, Mill Park , Sun Jun 29 21:56:24 2003
Hi we have enjoyed Bobbys for a long time but our all time favourite bobbys
story, which really happens a lot of the time is when people and i mean everyone
would have done this in there time at bobbys is stack down those chipper 1 steps
near the bar. we stand there every week just to see people fall, its funny as.
We seen this one person one nyte stack onto her hands and knees. i mean a lot of
people trip but to see her fall full on remains in my head still to this day.
Cause now i feel better that i (shaz) wasnt the only one to have stacked full
on. those steps are a killer but it makes us laugh. and as i said every1 does
it. its embarresing for them but it gives us a laugh. we will miss that a lot.
Sharon Buller and Aaron Raymond, Reservoir, Sat Jun 28 18:01:47 2003
This is by far my favourite club in Melbourne! The fact that, on a Monday night,
you have to get there soooo early to avoid the queue just shows how awesome it
is! I even go by myself some nights as I know by the time I leave I'll have made
heaps of new friends!
Aaron, Donvale, Fri Jun 27 13:34:31 2003
I "got together" with a guy at Bobby's over a few beers one evening and he
became my boyfriend for a few years. We eventually split up and didn't see each
other for awhile. A few months later I was at Bobbys when I saw him across the
room. We ended up talking for the rest of the evening and got back together. He
is now my husband and we have two beautiful children.
Thankyou Bobby McGees for your part in bring us together and for the many good
nights we have had there.
Sharyn Elliott, Nunawading, Thu Jun 26 22:00:58 2003
I dont have a favourite story because everytime i go to bobbys i always have the
best time of my life. Ill miss Bobbys!! Like you said; adly all good things must
come to an end!. xoxox miss you xoxox
Kristy, Langwarrin/ frankston, Mon Jun 23 22:41:30 2003
Three best freinds look forward to every Thursday BUST nite. It is our only
chance during the week to forget about the worries of life and have a GREAT
time. It was Oaks day and Bobbys were giving out complementary champagne. I knew
that champagne goes straight to my head, but went ahead a drank it with my best
friend. I ended up on the dance floor flat on my face with everyone laughing coz
i was the only one there. Not to mention thinking everyone looked like Native
american indians, slaps from friends and giggles all round. Ive made plenty of
friends from Bobbys and ALOT of fantastic memories. Thank you
Joey, Greensborough, Mon Jun 23 14:33:03 2003
DJ George was doing the name the song comp @ HIP. Played Agadoo, everyone knew
it. George says, "Anyone know who sang it?". "I'll give anyone who can name the
artist a drinkcard"... "Two drinkcards"... "Five drinkcards"... "Ten
drinkcards"... "$100 drinkcard"... "$1,000 drinkcard"... "$1 million drinkcard".
I raced to the dancefloor and shouted out "Black Lace". Poor George almost died.
His recovery was good though. The $1m drinkcard had to be used that night and
was non-transferable.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Mon Jun 23 05:15:22 2003