MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:



Wild Bills Saloon

The Street, Westfield Southland

Tim, Wild Bills has been in the hands of administrators for a few weeks. They
were hopeful of trading through, but Westfield didn't want the lease to
continue. Odds are TGIs will go in.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Sat Mar 5 18:30:43 2005
Why is Wild Bills Closing ? Will they be opening another nightclub at Southland
Tim, Mentone, Sat Mar 5 18:26:48 2005
Michelle, The photos from Wild Bills will be up shortly.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Feb 24 02:51:55 2005
we were just wondering why this websjit does not show photos that the
photographer walks around and takes when at nightclubs.
michelle palmer, blackrock, Wed Feb 23 17:18:21 2005
Hey Hey All.Gotta make it down to WildBills Wednesday nights and Saturday
Nights.It going OFF!!!Lots of Drink specials,lots of FUN,lots of HOTTIES....Make
sure you get down there early because now they have a cut off time to get
in.There is no entry after 2am.So make sure you get there early.Staring this
Wednesday to they have another band before CrazyHaus,so make sure you get
down...Come and enjoy the MADDNESS!!!!
Jake, Mon Aug 16 08:19:50 2004
Hey People,make sure you get down to WILDBILLS on Wednesday night and Sat
Nights.My god It goes off.Wed there've got a new band on,Metric, until Crazy
Haus get back(they get back in on the 14/07/04)They have cheap drinks,heaps of
entertainment,prizes,dancers and heaps of HOT chicks.Sat night has now gotten
busy to with Metric there every SAT night drinks are cheap and now getting
HOTTIES in there now too.So, NO!!! WILDBILLS is not closing down,their doors are
still open and there still ROCKIN'.
Ben, Tue Jun 29 16:47:23 2004
Exciting News. Bills is not closing! It very nearly did,
but at the last minute a new owner has come to the party to buy the place out.
We'll keep you posted.

Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Jun 10 06:35:12 2004
Word has been sweeping the street, courtesy of Wax, that Wild Bills has already
closed. IT IS WRONG!
I just spoke to the managers, and they assure me that they are open tonight, and
Crazy Haus were setting up as we speak.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed Jun 9 16:10:47 2004
Hey guys have some big big news!!! Look like the end of an Era is upon us. I am
lead to believe that Wild Bills is closing this week. I have heard that the Wed
nite is going to move to Wax. But have heard that this week will be the end. So
i say to all make sure you go down this week Wed & Sat nites and say a very sad
the end is very near, .., Wed Jun 9 09:08:00 2004