MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:




Cnr Nepean Highway & South Rd, Moorabbin

just wondering what everyone else thinks of wax?
tamika, hampton, Sat Apr 17 17:26:55 2004
opening bite of wax last friday - 1500 ppl thru the door - awesome night til
5am. expect their wednesday nights (starting dec 3) to be just as big with
holidays in full swing now.
Magoo, Bentleigh, Mon Dec 1 22:45:42 2003
I just heard for definate that WAX is opening on the 28th of this Month. Looking
forward to seeing the place.
Wax, Morrabbin, Mon Nov 17 13:18:51 2003
heard its opening tomorrow night 31st october ?
anyone know EXACTLY. better be worth it if they have ppd it sooooo many times
Magoo, Patterson Lakes, Thu Oct 30 12:02:28 2003