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Cnr Nepean Highway & South Rd, Bentleigh

Unknown - Ghetto Fusion certainly has gone to Mint - starting tonight. They sent
me an Email yesterday. Don't know about the receivership thing - its possible. I
guess we'll know in four weeks.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Sat Mar 25 17:23:01 2006
Traffik has gone into recievership. It's done. Ghetto Fusion has not moved to
Mint just yet, but it might be on the cards.
Unknown, Unknown, Sat Mar 25 17:08:49 2006
dont know,
I haven't heard too much about what Traffic is actually doing. They may well
have some repairs to do - that happens.
I do know that they weren't open last night and that they are advertising Alex
Lloyd for a gig in April or May.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Sat Mar 25 15:29:27 2006
Does any1 know why they closed again? It says on their site they are doing
rennovations. Please dont tell me they will change names again..
dont know, Fri Mar 24 17:04:30 2006