MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:



Spy Lounge
22 King St, Melbourne

Wil, that doesn't sound anything like the truth to me.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Mon Sep 26 17:08:30 2005
Just got back from overseas a few weeks ago, and is it true that Spy Lounge is
being leased to the owners of Heat? My mate who works there said that they only
serve light beer on tap because the owner is such a cheapskate and a basic
spirit is 7 friggin dollars. Luckily Billboards and Blue are good
wil, kew, Mon Sep 26 17:03:24 2005
Hey, does anyone know if the spy lounge is doing a full renovation, saw the new
paint, looks mad, heard from the staff there going to do up all levels. Went on
Sat the music was sensash, no daggy twister retro, r'nb room still best in melb.
Good on ya
Lloydy, Kensington, Tue Mar 22 13:16:22 2005
If you're getting knocked back from spy there must be something pretty
fundamentally wrong going on with you (in terms of your dress, or demeanour
(i.e. drunkenness)). As for spy lounge attracting "upper class visitors,
footballers and celebrities and such that i have seen there" as mentioned by spy
fan footscray i REALLY don't think this is the case for the general crowd at spy
- I would personally not rank this venue highly at all.
Bond, James Bond, Thu Aug 21 10:55:12 2003