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134 Toorak Rd, Sth Yarra

I agree Clare and also know that the parting between Rush and Slumberyard was
very amicable. Sat nights at Rush rock with the Machine though!! Me and my
friends went last night and it was packed!
Amy, Sun Nov 14 14:41:44 2004
Actually ben from what I understand rush and slumberyard are parting amicably.
They seem to love entertaining a great variety of entertainment so looks like
they are continuing that tradition!
You should also check out the machine of saturday nights they are brilliant!
Clare , Hawthorn, Sat Nov 13 18:12:44 2004
Hey L, Have been attending rush last couple of weekends and it is packed. This
friday there was a line out the front. Good thing got there early. Its a great
place with bands out the back and funky commercial and dance music out the
front. Great venue deffinately on the way up.
P.s crowd is good looking 20 somethings
Tina, Hawthorn, Sun Jun 27 16:13:46 2004
Hey, has anyone been to Rush on a Friday or Saturday? What's it like? Am looking
for somewhere with good commercial dance and house music. I like Billboards, but
am sick of going there! Also looking for a crowd thats classy, fun and not too
young! Ideas welcome, thanx!
L, Bulleen, Tue Jun 22 19:52:07 2004
Hey can someone tell me where this rush place is??heard its not bad!
Stiffy, Thu Oct 23 11:55:21 2003
This new bar is fantastic! Saturday nights go off, i really like Tuesdays with
the band and friday nights have a really good atmosphere. monday night is
hospitality night with DJ Johnny from bobbys it cool but needs more people. I
htink Rush rocks and will be the place to be this summer
Mickey, Toorak, Wed Oct 15 15:24:11 2003