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53 Walker St, Dandenong

so wats goin on at
pulse,,, went to go the other night and there is a blu light disco!! on a sat
nite??? things seem to be going from bad to worse after reading inn the paper
that there are going to be wall to wall celebrities, huge local and OS bands and
all i see is ......under 18 disco...?? do they know wat they are doing??
snoop doggg, doveton, Sat Dec 30 10:23:19 2006
Freakin Fantastic Friday night, had to be at least a couple hundred of
melbournes hottest babe's.
Another great night on Saturday.
They also have a designated non-smoking area... GREAT IDEA!!
john, langwarrin, Fri Oct 27 09:40:57 2006
Hey there! Went to Pulse the other night! Wow! they absolutely pack the joint on
a Friday, not flat out on a saturday, but oh my god was it busy on friday night,
it was 5 deep at the bar and the Q at the door was crazy.
It's funny, you can't pick the nights, but you always have a good night.
The staff and security are always great.
I love it!
Jacinta, Sun Oct 22 21:33:03 2006
Just wondering, any news on how Puse is going?
Seems the website is a bit out of date.Also have not seen any reviews or
comments for a while.
Interested, Sat Oct 21 19:25:44 2006
Cnr Walker & Thomas Sts Dandenong
Ph: (03) 9793 6800
Nickii @ Pulse, Thu Oct 12 10:41:33 2006
Whats happening people,
Flaunt it Fridays @ Pulse in dandenong Ministry House and top40 RnB keeping it
going hard all night, come down and check it out. for guest lists email me at first 3 valid replies will recieve a drinkcard at the value
of 10$
Mark, berwick, Tue Sep 26 00:02:22 2006
" Flaunt It " Fridays
Playing all your Fav. RnB tunes
This week featuring "DJ SCOTT GARDNER"
Doors Open 9pm
FREE B4 10pm $10 after 10
This SAT Night Party on 2 FLOORS
Pulse Presents Aust's No.1 BON JOVI
tribute band "New Jersey"
Also RnB & Hip Hop
Entry $12
Doors open 8pm
FREE Champagne on Arrival for the girls
10 - 12
$2 Pots, $4.50 Basic Spirits, $4 Breezers,
$4 Cruisers, $4 Shooters, $3 Var. Light Beer Stubs, $6 JD Stubs
Ph: (03) 9793 6800
Photo ID Required
Dress Code: Neat Casual
Management Reserves All Rights
Nickii @ Pulse, Dandenong, Thu Sep 21 13:56:47 2006
Anyone been to Pulse on the weekend? How was it? How was Thursday evening with
Lee H?
Rob, Berwick, Mon Aug 28 16:23:52 2006
I going to check out Pulse, not sure about Lee Harding but heard BEDROCK the
band he plays in are really good, so I will go and see.
I hear lots of good comments from people that pulse is a great venue with the
two levels, a friendly crowd ( a little small) but you got to expect it when
it's so new.
Maybe they need some more promo people getting the word out there. Well I'm
going to give it a go and see what it's like.
Brett, Mentone, Wed Aug 23 22:01:42 2006
Hey David, Sarah & Friends,
Pulse has just opened, give it a go!
I think the guys have done an awesome job and this place will rock once the word
gets out that it's there.
Lets get Pulse pumping and tell everyone we know to get down there and support
Sam, Sun Aug 20 00:09:16 2006
Hi all!
We only have a few pics on the website.
Stay tuned each week.
But Hey come and check the place out for yourself.
Mention my name at the door for free entry and a drink card.
Nickii @ Pulse
Nickii @ Pulse, Wed Aug 16 22:11:00 2006
Some people are asking about how Pulse went. Well I managed to get on the door
list for both nights. I spoke to management and Friday & Saturday were guest
lists only.
I had a ball and the venue looks awesome!
The bands were great too, they interact with the crowd. Even one of the security
guards got up and sang a song, he was great.
I will be going every week now! No sleeze bags and some good lookers, especially
the staff.
See you there!
Sam, Wed Aug 16 09:15:08 2006
Saturday night at pulse wasn't quite what i expected, excellent venue but where
were all the people? I only knew of the opeing from the stickers on the front
window. Both the Dj's and the Band were great although i'm not sure about mixing
the 2? seperate rooms maybe? massive potential just need to get the word around
to fill the place up
Scott, Doveton, Sun Aug 13 18:39:52 2006
PULSE Grand Opening Saturday 12th Aug
Sorry! Friday 11th is booked out already!
Cnr Walker & Thomas Streets, Dandenong
Doors Open 7.30pm - 3am
2 Levels, 4 Bars
Live Band "SANITY" &
XLR8ED DJ's featuring awesome RMX Crew !!!
*** Heaps of giveaways ***
Bookings Essential Ph: 9793 6800
FREE Entry B4 10pm $10 after 10pm
Mention this AD for 1/2 price entry
Photo I.D required
NO Smoking & No pass-outs after 12midnight
Nickii @ PULSE Nightclub, Dandenong, Thu Aug 3 19:59:25 2006
We've been told that it looks like an August 11 opening.
Moneypenny to be the resident band on Friday nights.
New band line-up ...
Massive new set.....
They are tearing it up at the Ha'Penny Bridge in Frankston on Saturdays....
Looks like pulse is gonna be kickin butt out south east.....
andNon-smoking... thats very cool
TheAudioslave, Melbourne, Tue Aug 1 12:39:37 2006
I hear that Pulse Dandenong will have two levels of music operating?
Is this so, and does anybody know what type of music, live an DJ related will be
Mat, Mt Martha, Mon Jul 31 12:37:24 2006
Paul, Pulse looks set for an opening August 11 and 12. We'll keep you posted.
I've been to plenty of non-smoking clubs around the world, and its a good thing.
You just don't come home smelling of smoke and with the sore throat. The girls
especially love it because they hate sleeping with long hair that stinks of
Pulse is an awesome design. They have a room that opens onto the street. I'm not
sure if they'll offer the smokers that outside area, but we'll find out.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Jul 27 03:26:03 2006
Hi all! Just read thru the goss about Pulse about this NO Smoking. My opinion, I
smoke but hate the next day after club'n, my throat is so sore. It will be law
soon anyway. I think it is a good idea and it won't stop me from going. Does
anyone know the exact date it will open???
Paul, Wed Jul 26 22:09:39 2006
Justin, I think a non-smoking venue will be fantastic. No more smelling like an
Pulse is on a winner here, they have spent heaps one becoming the best nightspot
Denise, Mornington, Wed Jul 26 19:35:25 2006
No Smoking in Pulse...
what will the smokers do?
Justin, Dandenong, Wed Jul 26 17:09:35 2006
I've heard Pulse will have shuttle buses all over the south-east to ship
nightclubbers to and (more importantly) from the club.
That would be great.
Everyone has to give this place a go! Get behind it!
Glen, Hallam, Mon Jul 24 10:53:37 2006
My friend scored a job at Pulse in Dandenong!!! She said they are looking at
opening in 3 weeks. She said it is a amazing layout, 3 rooms, 2 stages and it
will be huge.
I can't wait we so badly need something big out this side of town.
I'll keep you posted!!! see-ya
Brandy, Berwick, Sat Jul 22 09:52:00 2006
Jacinta is spot on. Pulse is coming up very nicely. Its a great design and the
guys have the right idea with the line-up. It ought to be very good. Looking
forward to the launch.
Ben Clissold, MaxMoose, Fri Jun 23 05:59:22 2006