MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:



P.O.W.s (Prince of Wales)

29 Fitzroy St, StKilda

Sez, if you're looking for Saturday pics, they're on It
seems that the site is down at the moment, but I'm sure its only temporary.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Sun Oct 16 19:42:41 2005
does prince have a website for photos? plz let me know asap
sez, Sun Oct 16 18:30:44 2005
POW, what can I say, house house, funky house, and john course! If you have the
annuals, or sessions, or ministry's guide to clubbing, you will love this place.
Classy at it's best. Trendy guys, with hot chicks. Dress up and look sexy
because this place has a reputation. Saturday's rock off it's head!
Steph, greensborough, Tue Nov 16 11:30:15 2004
Simone, Prince is pretty good. You have to like house, Ministry of Sound type
stuff, but if you do its great. Sometimes the crowd can be too cool for its own
good. Dress is kinda cool, trendy, relaxed look, or funky enough for the house
tunes. No bums, no pretentious losers.
Olivia, Moorabin, Thu Aug 5 01:51:42 2004
Thnx guys think i'll pass.....
Simone, Wed Aug 4 14:34:45 2004
Wednesday May 14th
Ministry of Sound Club Nation 3
Smokin Jo . John Course . Grant Smillie . Kaz James
One Love, StKilda, Thu May 8 05:39:20 2003
mad night mad night
jason hennah, melbourne, Mon Apr 28 23:00:55 2003