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Lwr Esplanade, St Kilda

The Palace on fire, literally
As you probably saw on the news, The Palace in St Kilda
(former home to Twister and Bass, not the one in Camberwell), caught fire
on Wednesday. This comes weeks after its closure. Arson is suspected as the fire
is said to have started in four locations.
Max Moose, Melbourne, Fri Jul 13 06:43:33 2007
Went to Twister SAT night, had an awesome night!! Have been going there for ages
now! and it just keeps getting better & so much more packed each week.
Keep up the good work TWISTER!!!!
Sim, Eastern Suburbs, Mon Apr 3 12:50:21 2006
Twister's electro room is nothing like the rest of the club! the girls and guys
r hot the music is hot and everyone is having the time of their life! maybe the
rest of twister should take a leaf out of their book!!!!!!!!!
nick, Mon Nov 7 11:10:33 2005

Hello everyone who attends Twister.
As you may of read or heard that Twister ( The Palace ) is closing Down.
Well those reports are wrong we are operating under an extended lease and
agreement that the current state government and local council refuse to
Becase of The Palace and The Palais Theatre will be engaging in a lengthy legal
fight that will take years to resolve.
So Twister or The Palace will not be closing down and we would appreciate it if
everyone in this nightclub industry stops the rumours.
WARREN ( TWISTER), St Kilda, Tue Aug 30 23:00:24 2005
Jodie's comments need some clarification.
There's been a few rumours floating around that Twister is going to close in a
month. They are not correct.
Port Phillip Council is doing long-term planning for the StKilda foreshore area.
Obviously the Twister site is quite valuable and is a part of that plan.
However, that plan won't come into play for years, and Twister has a lease for
at least the next two years.
However, it could be lost sometime after those two years, so it is definitely
worth signing that petition, to save it for future generations of clubbers.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Fri Oct 1 07:09:35 2004
Just want to let you guys know that The Palace is closing down if you could all
sign the petition we might be able to save this awesome venue.
Please help the other thousands who are helping us!!
Jodie, Warragul, Fri Oct 1 06:48:19 2004
Joanne, I can honestly say that the only time that i have been offered drugs
here was last Sat nite (to let you know i DONT and neva will take drugs!!), i
have been goin 2 Twister 4 ages..... I dont drink and i have neva seen ppl
passed out on the floor, actually to tell the truth i have only ever seen one
fight to!! I dont actually look out for fights or ppl like that i am too busy
having a good night with my friends to notice this.....
b, Tue Aug 3 16:15:26 2004