MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:




20 Bourke St, Melbourne

This comment just floated in on MySpace...
"Happy holidays guys!
Just letting you know about our new venue:
(formerly known as metro)
20-30 Bourke Street, Melbourne
Have a great Xmas!
Best wishes,
The Palace (St Kilda) team!"
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Dec 13 16:04:23 2007
The owners of The Palace - The real Twister - have bought out The Metro.
Sir Anonymoose, Mooseville, Mon Jul 16 18:26:25 2007
isnt it the owners from the old KGB in knox??
buba, knox, Mon Jul 31 11:45:46 2006
Heard a rumour that Metro is reopening soon. Anyone know anything?
Curious, Tue Jul 11 19:09:52 2006
This club is a definate for all those single people who are looking for a night
out. I love it because you can just run wild.
Pete, Melbourne, Thu Jan 27 01:24:05 2005