MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:



Marquee Club

127 Dorcas St, Sth Melbourne

Love the retro and sing along ballads
Stefan, Fri Jan 18 19:09:47 2008
best club in Melbourne!
Marcelle, Fri Sep 16 14:49:40 2005
Are you kidding? What do you mean the club's today don't have it? Yes the Hallam
was pretty legendary but what about places like Marquee, Twister & Frost Bites
that have stood the test of time. I challenge any party person to go to these
places and not a have great night out! All these places play great party music
especially the Marquee which is an awesome night out. I say get out more!!!
Michelle, Caulfield, Tue Dec 14 10:35:50 2004
Got into the Marquee on Friday nyt 4 a friends b'day and must say had an
absolute ball. It has a great atmosphere & everyone is there to have fun. We
also ended up there on Sat nyt after being to a couple of places earlier and
also had an awesome nyt. This has got to be the best Fri/Sat double in
Andrea, WHEELERS HILL, Mon Dec 6 13:19:42 2004
this is my fav place by far. Great music, great ppl, great fun!
Vicki, Wantirna, Tue Nov 23 10:34:34 2004
Great venue, great music, great atmosphere,grreat fun!!!
Jacqui, Hawthorn, Thu Oct 28 17:22:29 2004
Great music and DJs, awsome enrty, drink, and cloak room prices. Fun
atmosphere all round
Kris, Pakenham, Wed Oct 13 02:42:52 2004
Can anyone tell me the name of the DJ that plays upstairs at the Marquee (around
about 1am). He is absolutely fantastic!!!
Jessica, Donvale, Tue Sep 21 18:07:56 2004
Great place to party! U can't help but have fun with the excellent music they
play. Upstairs is sensational & downstairs ( I've never heard that type of music
anywhere else) is just great fun!
Taryn, Aspendale, Thu Sep 16 17:47:33 2004
Yes Cazz ur spot on, The Marquee is a great club. It just has a sensational
atmosphere. Everyone is simply there to party. I'll be there tonight. If u
haven't been I urge u to check it out.
Vanessa, Burwood, Fri Sep 10 12:03:34 2004
Great Club; Fri or Sat both go off. Great music, 2 levels (Retro down & New
Stuff up), great crowd, great atmosphere, don't rip u off on drink prices. Keep
it up Marquee!
Kristy, Hawthorn, Thu Sep 9 18:26:30 2004
Can one place be any more fun? Great music, great atmosphere. Really fun crowd.
Excellent night out.
Kristy, PORT MELBOURNE, Tue Feb 24 09:53:13 2004
Went to the Marquee for the first time on Saturday night. How much fun is this
place? Had the best night. Will definitely be back!!!
Kristy, Tue Oct 28 09:36:02 2003
I was also in at the Marquee on Sat night. I have become a bit of a regular on a
Fri & Sat. It's just sooo much fun! Love the music, give aways and party
Kath, Malvern, Wed Oct 22 09:14:46 2003
Great Club, great music! Both Friday and Saturdays. Real down to earth party
crowd. Keep up the good work Marquee.
Melissa, Brighton, Tue Aug 26 18:22:44 2003
Visited the Marquee website tonight. They have an awesome short movie on their
site under Events. You need sound to get the full effect.
Rachel, Donvale, Tue Jul 29 20:04:16 2003
The age of Marquee's crowd is pretty broad 18 - 30. I think it's because of the
music. retro downstairs and all the new stuff upstairs.
Sam, Mon Jul 28 17:46:53 2003
Yeh I checked out the Marquee's website. Chat Busters is awesome! I'll be
definitely going to the Marquee next Friday night.
Kirsten, Bentleigh, Fri Jul 18 19:23:12 2003
Has anyone been to the Marquee Club's website? It's got this really cool thing
called Chart Busters where you can vote for your favourite song. They have a top
ten and everything. Very cool! Oh yeh the address is
Michelle, Port Melbourne, Wed Jul 16 18:08:32 2003