MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:




125 Flinders Lane, Melbourne

Went down to Icon Bar on Australia Day Eve and I've got to say "Holly F%$^^#ck"
what a night. The place was ROCKING... Hot girls dancing on the bar all night,
The guys were all cool cats with no attitude and most important you could
actually afford a drink. Smile!!! Anyhow wetre all there next long weekend and
you should do yourself a favour and make sure you don't miss out. Cheers!
Johnny, Melbourne, Fri Jan 27 12:00:05 2006
Omg tell us which nite is a good nite to get to Icon Bar! wen i heard u can
dance on the bar omg, i have to be there!! lol sounds greaT! wat music do they
play?? and wats the crowd like???
BLacK BooTy, Mon Oct 18 20:53:28 2004
ATTENTION LUCKY! Icon Bar in the city has a mezzanine loft area which holds up
to 100 people which is perfect for parties.
Kristy, Tue Apr 1 13:38:57 2003