MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:




?, City

I've never been knocked back from Honkytonks I am lucky/proud to say. It has to
be my favourite venue in Melbourne, but yes, the new door policy is a little bit
random at times. It does result in a VERY nice crowd inside though, not
arrogant, and everyone whether they are well dressed or not is there for the
That is pretty much what Honkytonks is all about; not exactly the mainstream.
Nights like weird gear and slapshack are designed to set the normal world of
nights on their head, with an eclectic mix of different types/styles/bpm and
ethnicity music. Boogs' early morning sets are the best example of this.
Plus it helps that the venue has probably the best location in Melbourne, one of
the most well stocked bars, with about 20 variations on absynth, and an awesome
decor - unlike any other venue in Melbourne.
It's not necessarily for everyone - but its certainly an awesome venue! And
yes, it is a little bit more upmarket, but with a strange door policy! But
regardless - the crowd is awesome! No-one cares about anyone else - its all
about the music!
Oh yeah, and a couple of years ago - it was difficult to get in! Back when
Heath and that were around.
Scott Markworth, Melboure, Mon Jan 5 18:05:35 2004
Honky, ive got in a few times and ive been kicked back a few times. Yes, its
basically a lottery. The place about 2 years was really hard to get in to as
they had this small dude out front inbetween the larger security basically
choosing who he wants in but he has been since given the boot so its a bit
easlier to get in now. I once got in with a couple guys and also once got barred
with inside is pretty cool though.
BigA, Port Melb, Mon Jan 5 00:25:10 2004
I have never been here (nor tried to; to be honest) - but what would people's
comments be on the thought that this place effectively has a random entry
policy, a number of different good looking, well dressed, civilised people i
have spoken to have been KB'ed from there on occasion, while complete bogans i
have met ( or overheard on trains) are talking about times they have been there
... any comments would be appreciated
Honky, City, Sat Jan 3 17:21:28 2004