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Level 3, Crown Complex, Southbank

Winstaan, there was a story in the Herald Sun about Heat closing, except its
Crown not renewing their lease for various reasons.
Brad, Docklands, Thu Mar 10 14:19:58 2005
Have heard from a very reliable source that Heat will not be renewing their
licence in a couple of months, therefore it is the end of an era as we know it.
No surprises given Bills is closing...
Chill, Winstaan, Elsternwick, Thu Mar 10 09:09:27 2005
Saw some of the media reports today. What a load of crap. Crown's decision to
not continue the lease for Heat had nothing to do with gangsters. I don't know
too many 18-25s that classify as gangsters. It was about PBL (Packer's business)
wanting to use the space for casino activities that are far more profitable than
nightclub lease income.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Sat Mar 5 18:23:32 2005
Heat is closing down in May! :( How sad. Some of my fave memories are from
Sunday nights back from 1997-2000!
Jenelle, Melbourne, Fri Mar 4 22:21:31 2005
omg u thought amber lounge, metro mercury lounge or any of that were hot clubs
u dont know wat u misssing heat baby ahhhhhhhh so many late nights wit the gurls
halloween night was hot last year so many memories i got so drunk lol anyway go
elisha rodriguez, williamstown, Wed Jan 26 22:35:13 2005
Anyone know whats happening with heat? i heard the owner sold it and is changing
everything? i hope the new owners dont change it because i love that place!
Dave, Balwyn, Fri Jan 3 16:23:36 2003