MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:



East 93
93 Maroondah Hwy, Ringwood

Hot off the presses... East 93 has closed down. Excessive rental has plagued the
place since it reopened as East 93 in September 2001. Some of their operations
are swinging over to Denim Lounge. Rob E will be DJing at Denim Lounge
Thursdays, and Pean will be heading up DLs new Saturday. The underage will be
sorted out in coming weeks, but likes likely to shift to Sunday.
It is a sad day for those of us who made the most of East and Jooce before it.
Many good nights will only live as memories now. Thanks for the good times!
Ben Clissold, MaxMoose, Tue Jan 14 18:18:12 2003