MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:




60 Swan St, Richmond

The Depot is getting redone it will have a new name the new owners of the Depot are the same people behind the Anglers Tavern They are revamping a awsome band venue so look out Richmond the renovations will be worth a look.
Grant, Mentone, Sun Jul 29 11:25:56 2007
The Depot has been bought by new owners too. They've ripped the place apart,
including the old place out the back and the beer garden to totally rebuild it.
Its a huge project.
Mr E, Mon Jul 16 20:12:38 2007
Well Shelle, I dunno if I totally agree with you on that one, coz Dj Brad
Sassman is sooo hot! I don't think that there could be any comparison between
him and Kane.
Mel, Tue Sep 14 23:35:36 2004
Hmmm.... Kane from Big Brother VS DJ Brad Sassman on the decks.... this sounds
like an interesting showdown... Although, what may be more fun about it is
watching them go head-to-head in the battle for the ladies!
Shelle, Nrre Warren South, Mon Sep 13 13:00:07 2004