MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:



Casey’s (Cheers)
660a Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn

Totally agree with you about that door policy "bartender". That's very true,
large groups, people whom are underdressed, or "dodgy" looking people are
generally the same reasoning by which most clubs execute their door policies.
However, why all the anger and disrespect towards me? I have made no negative
nor disrespectful comments towards yourself, nor your organization. I quite
like the venue.
I was simply commenting on the situation at hand - which was two well dressed
guys being knocked back without a legitimate reason. You cannot doubt this as a
little strange - unless your establishment was over the fire-code legality; a
possibility as Caseys has been known to get quite busy.
I simply established from the comments, that perhaps your venue may have hired
new door staff/changed policy, as the policy regarding the situation at hand
sounded different to the Caseys I have known in the past.
In general, when I visit Caseys I am always treated very well (although notably
you didn't have Bombay Sapphire last time i was there - perhaps a problem for an
experienced bartender such as yourself to rectify - if it hasn't been
And no, I am not interested in working at Caseys. Thanks for the offer though!
Got too many nightclubs on my plate at the moment.
Scott Markworth, Melbourne, Tue Jan 6 00:11:35 2004