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Aughtie Drv, Albert Park

Thanks for the info on Carousel Ben. Ive been to Evolution for groovalicous but
I just loved the atmosphere at Carousel, it was a great setup for a club and as
you said it was a classy night. Thanks
Peter , Fri Sep 3 18:39:27 2004
Peter, I don't think Carousel operates as a club at all any more. I think its
only a restaurant now. It used to be awesome, especially for Groovalicious. That
night has moved a couple of times, but now operates successfully out of Club
Evolution on Commercial Road.
It'd be great to have a night as classy as that again. I don't care how
expensive and cool a T-shirt might be, its just not classy. Besides which, its
kind of fun to dress up a bit.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Fri Sep 3 06:44:35 2004
Carousel was once the hottest club goin round when they had groovalicous, does
anyone know if it is still open as a club and on what nights.
Peter , Wed Sep 1 17:33:40 2004