MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:



Bar Buddha
Cnr Boundary & Centre Dandenong Rds, Moorabin Airport

This night is now closed.
Get coversband MOSKITO playing at your venues! They are the best coversband I
have ever seen! They are hotties, they rock, they absolutely go off tap! They
provide the best night out, they are full on, definately worth getting to your
venue if you can do it! Anyone that hasn't seen them yet, GO SEE THEM, you will
love them!
Anon, Thu Dec 5 14:56:49 2002
Someone has stolen the buddha!
The venue can't operate without it. Visit the website: and find the clues to locate the buddha
and reopen the venue ASAP. The clues, several added each day, will explain it
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Nov 14 06:55:55 2002
Only seven days 'til Bar Buddha opens (23.10). Take a look at the mystical:
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed Oct 16 15:49:57 2002