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The Street, Westfield Fountain Gate

MAX MOOSE Correction: Furnace sneak preview this weekend
Regrettably, last night, for only the second time in 5.5 years, we got it wrong.
We suggested that the venue formerly known as Brass was closed this Friday and
Saturday night. This is not correct.
This weekend, there is a sneak preview of Furnace. That's right, an all new
venue with new owners, a new look, a new style, and a new everything. All that
remains the same is Adam 12 on Friday and the location. Head on down 8pm - 3am
Friday or Saturday for a look (no entry after 1am but open until 3am).
We regret any inconvenience that last night's Email has caused, and sincerely
apologise to the new owners, especially because we know that they are doing
everything right with the place. Readers, please tell anybody you may have
mentioned this to, that the venue is open.
Next week, 25 & 26 June: Furnace Grand Opening!
This week's sneak preview is just the beginning. Work is continuing as the venue
transforms into the Furnace. It's going to be great!
Next week will be the grand opening, with all manner of BIG surprises. We can
tell you about the stars from the House of Bulger on Friday and Molly Meldrum on
Saturdays, but we can't tell you about the really BIG surprise. You'll have to
be there to find out for yourself.

Max Moose, Max Moose World HQ, Fri Jun 18 03:30:25 2004
There has been a massive misunderstanding. Brass is in fact
open this weekend. Please disregard the earlier information. Adam 12 will be
there Friday with Dave and Lee, and the regular Saturday line-up is also

Max Moose, Max Moose World HQ, Thu Jun 17 16:47:07 2004
Mini Moose tells me that there was an ad today in a local paper for a new venue
called The Furnace. I understand that this might be the name for the venue to
replace Brass, now that the new owners are at the helm.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed May 26 05:53:20 2004
Oh yeah. Been a bit slack with this. Brass is finally in new hands. Word is that
it was settled yesterday.
The new owners are rumoured to consist of the Coburns of Heat and Wild Bills,
some of the Midnight crew (Mothership etc.), and others trying to remain
This is exciting because these guys know what they are doing, and are coming to
the right location at the right time. The demographics are just perfect out
Word is that a change of name and a renovation are in the pipeline, both of
which sound like exactly what the doctor ordered. Stay tuned as more info
becomes official.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed May 19 20:29:47 2004
Brass has been all over the news this week. As normal, most of the media got it
totally wrong. The venue is still open until 3am, but they are not allowed to
let anybody in after 1am.
What they didn't say, which we've sat on for a few days, is that the venue has
apparently been sold this week too. The new owners are very experienced at
operating great city and suburban venues. Here's hoping they give the venue a
totally fresh start. Its in the right location and has the population to be
great again.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Feb 26 05:05:13 2004
As of tonight, the Brass Monkey Bar and Grill reopens at long last. Yep, the RnB
crew on Friday will be right back at home, and the Retro set can be locked away
in a room of their own again on Saturdays.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Fri Feb 28 19:46:28 2003
Brass Monkey certainly is not closing down. There is no truth to that
whatsoever. In fact, they are working to expand it to fit everyone in.
I know one of the Westfield cleaners has been spreading some pretty awful
rumours. It is a pity some people react that way when they get knocked back at
the door.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Thu Feb 27 00:14:16 2003
apparently brass monkey is closing down, is this true?
phil, Wed Feb 26 19:59:21 2003
The ppl who run Brass Monkey are legends. I was a member at Blits and wish it
didn't close. I was just joking when I asked the girl at the counter if I could
swap my Blits membership for a Monkey one but she said yes. It only cost me $30!
How good is that.
Bec xxx, Berwick, Tue Oct 22 23:33:00 2002