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Berwick Springs Hotel, 248 Clyde Rd, Berwick

gino, dandy, Mon Apr 20 02:07:39 2009
I saw this garbage just before.
RE: I see this as dicrimination and I
suggest the people running this site have a good hard look at what they are
doing or I may have to take this further as my brother is a solicitor and said
they could be in a little bit of trouble here if they are not careful.
David, Cranbourne, Fri Sep 17
Give me a break, seriously. That is just sad.
Ben and Scott run a good site that lets everyone know about good places to go.
And the guys are right the site isnt about having a whinge.
Peter , Narre Warren, Fri Sep 17 18:05:34 2004
Bill, Blitz reopens this Saturday night.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Tue Oct 28 11:19:02 2003
when is it reopening
bill, Mon Oct 27 13:39:37 2003
I can finally confirm that Blitz at Berwick Springs is definitely reopening. :-)
We've known for some time but had to wait to break it. It reopens on November
1st, Saturday week. For now it will only be open on Saturdays. The night will be
called Club Movement and will feature DJs Jason Young and Scott Gardner.
Here's hoping they get the door policy right and it can recapture some of the
people that made the first Blitz sooo friendly.
Max Moose, MaxMoose, Wed Oct 22 06:01:31 2003
Just wondering if any1 knows if this place will be reopening if so when?
ozi, Berwick, Tue Oct 14 16:09:59 2003
Anybody know if Blitz is going to re-open or not? If so, any idea when!
Mick, Hallam, Sat Aug 30 10:43:41 2003
hey guys, dont think they will b opening it in a hurry, the owners have been
given a couple of proposals, but seem content to just leave it as a big empty
space right now.
withheld, berwick, Sun Jul 13 22:11:26 2003
i heard that blitz is reopening. is it true? i hope so.
trent, Tue Apr 29 00:13:11 2003
Stevo, I hear Castellos are going to convert Blitz into a reception centre.
John, Berwick, Wed Dec 4 02:42:05 2002
Any news on the supposed' refurbishment of blitz?
Stevo, Narre Warren, Mon Dec 2 12:21:32 2002
hey bec was right. went to brass monkey and i traded my blitz membership for a
monkey one for $30. what a deal!
Jodie, Berwick, Wed Oct 30 03:10:12 2002