MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:



Berwick Inn

High St, Berwick

It's weird, Thursday night at the Berwick seems to be getting out of hand with
fights etc, I only go there Tues nights, for the fact that its UNi night, cheap
drinks, awesome DJ and catch up with mates. I have only seen about one or two
fights in my time at Bezza on a Tuesday night, I agree that anywhere you go,
there is a chance a fight could occur, but if you still want to go to the
Berwick Inn, come Tues night.
anon, Mon Jan 31 17:30:04 2005
lauren agree completely with you,bezza used to be a top join but now..especially
the aust day vev disco ther are always fights and it like a bad underage
club..something has buggered up there..and after the club shuts the fights spill
out on to the street,reminds me of schoolies
tristan, berwick, Sat Jan 29 16:58:54 2005