MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:



21st Century

1 Davey St, Frankston

(2nite - 1/11/04) 21st Century in Franskton is having a 1985 nite for Cup Eve...
Should be awesome! Cheap 1985 price drinks all nite long!!! Cya there...!!
Sim, Mon Nov 1 11:56:30 2004
I brought this topic up a couple of weeks ago. I agree completly with that was
said... I had the great unfortune to attend the 21st a few weeks ago. The music
was so so so BAD i couldnt believe it. Get over the 80's and if your gonna play
80's at least do it well.... I think all you guys who go on about big nite clubs
need to have alook at the quality of the DJ's in these venue's. Its a joke that
these kids are still employed
withheld, Wed Jun 9 09:15:38 2004