MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:



14-22 Lauderdale Drv, Narre Warren

The people who are into "Big Name DJs" have too much self respect to be seen
dead at 1422. For s sake keep the bands there. They keep the skanks and bogans
away from the good venues - not that there's many around here.
Amy, Berwick, Wed Apr 25 18:31:22 2007
Don't sack the bands. The only reason to go to 1422 is the bands. Theres no
where else with bands out here. (were not all bogans)
Matt, Hallam, Wed Apr 25 17:51:14 2007
Won't work. It takes a lot of rubble to fill a 1422m deep hole. The skanks and
bogans that go there won't like anything that's not a band.
Clint, Berwick, Wed Apr 25 15:56:16 2007
Gonna be a new night at 1422 starting in may, Dance night with Big Name DJ's,
will be interesting to see how that goes in a Pool Hall! Watch out One Love and
No, it should be huge what do U rekon!
annonymoose, Wed Apr 25 15:38:38 2007
i had no idea it was a school uniform night i went down to see how the place was
as hadnt been there in long time the uniform was just a bonus and im not the one
making up nights to get girls in school uniform
johno, hallam, Sun Oct 8 21:16:56 2006
1422 this Thursday night has the Jim Beam party crew coming down with your
chance to win some great Jim Beam prizes including a Stereo.
Friday night we have Sexual Chocolate and DJ Albert(Ex brass monkey) with heaps
of prizes to give away.
Saturday night DJ Disco Dave (ex Furnace) with more Jim Beam prizes .
We are the only venue in the South East open Thurs, Fri and Sat nights so come
down and check it all out.
David, Narre, Wed Apr 12 19:11:21 2006
Meh, average place.
Salle, Bezza, Sat Oct 15 18:00:31 2005
I went to the opening of 1422 Friday night... and yeah, it kinda reminds me of
the Hallam... its gonna be great to have somewhere to go on Thursday nights
Shelle, Narre Warren South, Sun Sep 5 19:54:27 2004