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MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:




Mercury Lounge

Level 3, Crown Complex, Southbank

February 9, 2000
FingersLotsa wordsRest of Max
NOTE: There have been several band line-up changes since this review. (13/4/01)

As of the February 9th, there is a new line up at the Mercury Lounge on a Wednesday night. Pean are early (10-12) and Relax with Max are late (12:30 onwards).

It is a strange combination. The two bands couldn't be more different; but (for a Pean fan) it works!

Obviously, it being the first night of this combination, the majority of the crowd were there for Relax with Max and it showed. Pean started with some very alternative music and the crowd stood back and seemed to say, "What is this?'. So there were five people on the dance floor for most of the first set! However, in the second set Pean played their '80s medley and a few other '80s songs and the crowd started to get into it.

Relax with Max (and this is coming from a person who is not into funk/reggae etc) were great. Mind you, the crowd probably though we were nuts because we were jumping around and acting like idiots (we couldn't dance the way the rest of the crowd were!). But it was very easy to enjoy yourself.

I think overall the night will work out. As with most places where there are two bands on, the opening band will never draw the crowd the main band will; but everyone seemed to like (maybe not love) Pean by the end of their sets.

The crowd slowly built up so that between 11 and 1 there was a decent crowd. It was also dressed a lot more casually than most Mercury nights. Very much a pants, t-shirt, runners thing, but still neat.

Jenni Wallace (ICQ: 18847034)
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