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MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:




445 Toorak Rd, Toorak
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April 24, 2001
Now up and running every Tuesday "EXCESS" is quickly becoming one of the biggest uni nights in Melbourne. The drink prices are amazing. You can choose between:
The drink prices are as follows:
Now with drinks aside, entertainment comes in the form of DJ Wei spinning party hits and dance, but most importantly opening on 24th April 'MissDemeaner' begins, our very own coverband ready to rock and a make a good night into a great night. Don't miss this huge opening night.

If you are interested in promoting or putting in a guestlist, dont hesitate to make yourself known. Call 9827 8244 during business hours (10-5 Mon-Fri).

If you want great atmosphere, fantastic drink specials all night, and an awesome crowd, then head on down to EXCESS every Tuesday night for the biggest party in Melbourne!

See you there,

The Excess Team

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