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MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:

Uni Tuesdays



Berwick Inn

High St, Berwick

November 20, 2001
FingersMust get this passRest of Max
NOTE: This review was written before Blitz took over Tuesdays and before the Bezza remodeled the Club bar.

Tuesday nights at the Berwick Inn are a bit of a surprise. One, they are big. Two, the crowd can be just like the crowd at Frostbites. You don't really expect these things this far from Melbourne, midweek, but the nature of Berwick allows it. The night is built around three things, Monash Uni Berwick, Berwick TAFE, and the locals like myself who have to go out.

The crowd is predominantly local, or friends of locals. Everyone knows someone there. Most are students, with most being aged 18-21, with a couple upto the mid 20s. It is a pretty relaxed bunch, although some of the girls dress for a fashion parade. The blokes don't try too hard, but it ends up being a very good looking crowd (most nights - occasionally you get a bad one).

They usually get in pretty early, with most in by 10 or so. It peaks around midnight, and goes on until 2am. During holidays it is absolutely packed, not that its hard to fill, its a pretty small room, but ideal for a Tuesday.

It all takes place in the sports bar / nightclub area in the Inn. It is a triangular shaped room, split in two. The back half, near the entrance, is the bar. Around the bar are chairs, tables and people. Usually a lot of guys.

The front half is the dancefloor (dominated by the girls), and the pool table. On busy nights, the pool table is out of action. The dancefloor is run by Scotty B, a DJ with some very good credits. He keeps the crowd rocking with everything from house to commercial dance, to R&B, to retro. In recent times, it has been for more commercial, with tons of RnB. It is a great all round mix that keeps everyone involved. He is a friendly DJ, always on the mike, and taking requests (which he won't necessarily play).

Drinks are very appropriately priced for a Tuesday, (ie. cheap). The covercharge is $4, which is a bit questionable, but I suppose the crowd make up for it.

It is a very, very good Tuesday night, compared to anything in Melbourne. Great crowd, great entertainment, and a lot of surprises. Many nights I could swear I was in Frostbites. Take a look.

Ben Clissold
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