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MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:




Wild Bills

The Street, Westfield Southland

June 6, 2002

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NOTE: This night has been replaced with SLIME, battle of the bands.

Wild Bills has recently been restructuring its nights so that they all have a different feeling. Part of that has been the recent launch of a new Thursday, appropriately titled Billy-licious. It is a night dedicated to RnB, Hip-Hop, Funk, and rap tunes. There are no bands, and only a minimal amount of music that is commercial. They are seeking a different crowd, and a night with a different feeling, and the opening night proved that is what they are achieving.

For the first time ever, I went to Bills, and hardly saw a familiar face. It was a totally different crowd, and one ready for some smooth grooves. The crowd had a strong international flavour, and a reasonable degree of style. There were minor similarities to Mothership.

They were all ages, from 18 to about 30, and dressed all over the place. RnB nights generally end up being smart casual nights, and quite a few hit the mark; the others might have to catch up. It was a very friendly crowd. Most were in fairly early, about 10pm, with a peak at about 11.30, and a fair crowd at midnight. Whilst the place was not full, it was a very promising start, especially considering the launch was right in the middle of student's exam preparation.

You can take a look at our other reviews of Wild Bills for a description of the layout. The only real difference here, is that the DJ is based on stage.

Bills have taken the right approach with Billy-licious. Putting a totally different night on in a venue with a good reputation should attract a new and different crowd. The music was great, the people friendly, and the place had a good feeling. Stay tuned to see how it develops, but drop down and enjoy it in the meanwhile.

Ben Clissold

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