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MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:




Hallam Hotel

Cnr Princes Hwy & Hallam Rd, Hallam

June 6, 2002
Hallam Hotel

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NOTE: The old H is about to undergo renovations. Everything is open as normal, except that most of their night time bands and DJs have moved to Brass Monkey. Shed 7 will be open for the next few weeks.

Hallam's Thursdays are officially back! Since Shed 7 opened, and the Voodoo Surf Gods wore out the Hallam, they have struggled to come up with a formula that works. Unquestionably Slumberyard have done the trick. Over the past few months, the night has grown quickly, and in recent weeks it has been back to its best. At long last, Shed 7 is open again on a Thursday night, with Booty Bar, a deep RnB room, and the main room is packed.

The biggest difference is that the students are back. In the good old days, Thursdays were home to students and apprentices. It was the place for locals to be. A couple of years ago, the crowd started getting older (and smaller). Now the students are back in a big way.

Hallam's Thursday night is one of my favourites. Good entertainment, good people, and close to home. What more could you want from a Thursday night? How about $1.50 pots of beer, $3.50 spirits and $2 champagnes (8-11), heaps of giveaways, and even a few celebrities? You don't need to stay out late, but it easily beats sitting around at home. It is a local, so if you live nearby, you can be sure to bump into old friends.

The style of the night is up to you. The dress is casual, but you have a choice of hitting the dancefloor or moshpit, collecting celebrity autographs and photos (eg Men of all seasons and Neighbours), or kicking back at tables with a jug of beer and watching whatever is on the big-screen.

Most of the crowd arrives between 9.30 and 10.30. It peaks around 11, at which time the main room is very full. On long weekends, the whole place is full by 9.30.

The main room is L-shaped. At one end is a stage and dancefloor. The stage is home to insane alternative coverband Slumberyard. These guys have more energy than is healthy. They, especially the singer, are crazy, but do they get the crowd going (I once saw the singer stage dive without a crowd to catch him - ouch!). They play a mix of current and classic alternative, with power songs like Tool's Stinkfist being their strength. Some nights they drift into boring ballads, but on most nights the classics really get the crowd into it. Between their sets, the dancefloor (and a podium or two) is rocked by DJ Alby's mix of top-40 dance, and dance classics. A neat lightshow sets it all off.

It is all controlled by a booth just off the dancefloor. Just around from the DJ booth is a Sega Rally video game. Opposite that is a huge bar, that features two minute $2 drink specials and $1.50 pots, $3.50 spirits and $2 champagnes before 11pm. The L-shape wraps around with a huge seating area. From these bistro tables, you can watch whatever is on the big screen over a beer or two (often the Footy Show or video clips). There are also bars at the far end of the L, and half way along.

On busy nights, Shed 7 opens, with a DJ playing a commercial house/dance mix. This also opens up the beer garden, and the pool tables. Shed 7 is barn like. Left is a great bar, right is the beergarden, at the back are some pool tables below the loft, which hosts a dancefloor and lightshow.

Booty Bar is a great concept. DJ Paul Mac heads the line-up, and all DJs are top-liners playing the finest hip-hop, RnB, rap and groove. It is very city like, and gives you a chance to dance to some fine grooves, even though you are in the 'burbs.

Prices are fairly standard for a nightclub. Entry is about $8, or free with a printable pass before 10. For the entertainment provided, that is excellent value.

The night is so focussed on good entertainment, cheap drinks, celebrities, and giveaways, that it is pretty hard to have a bad time. Slumberyard have given the night a great edge. If you are doing nothing on Thursday, go and be entertained.

Ben Clissold

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The Hallam Hotel is the place to be on a Thursday night. I enjoy catching up with friends past and present and I'm always up for a good night out. - Luke Hammond (28/3/01)
Hallam Hotel

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