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MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:




Wheelers Hill

Cnr Ferntree Gully & Jells Rd, Wheelers Hill

January 27, 2002
FingersMust get this passRest of Max
NOTE: This has been closed down for winter, but will re-emerge in summer.

After a big weekend of partying, you often want somewhere easy to wind-down on a Sunday afternoon, before finishing the weekend with a bang. You just want to be out with the right people, but in a gentle environment. This is what the Wheelers is perfect for on a Sunday afternoon.

Their Sunday afternoon version is like a toned down version of their big Thursday. Similar sort of crowd, perhaps a little older (19-28), and a touch friendlier. It is fairly popular amongst the locals, although people from surrounding suburbs drop by too. Whilst some do dress fairly relaxed, most dress just as they on a Thursday, that is, very well.

Doors open at 4pm, with numbers starting to gather by 5 or 6pm. It is at its best around 8pm, at which time it is comfortably busy, but perfectly relaxed. There is a good spread of people between the main room and the beer garden, which is absolutely perfect on a sunny summers day. They even have a free BBQ going in the afternoon, which is a really nice touch.

The main room features DJ Scotty E's cool grooves, between band sets. He plays very cruisy tunes early, but picks it up later with the best of current RnB, and vocal house. At 9.30pm it is just like a Thursday. Adam 12 have just finished their Sunday afternoon gig at the Wheelers, so we'll wait and see who and what the new band is.

Most of the action takes place in the main room. It is a distorted L-shape. You enter off Ferntree Gully Rd at the middle of the L. To your left is the dancefloor and stage. Straight ahead is the DJ booth. To the right is a huge bar with rapid service, and opposite it is an area with tables to sit at and tables for pool. That area has windows looking into the beer garden which wraps around the outside. There are a couple of video games too.

The Wheelers is the perfect cure for a boring Sunday afternoon. It is a very friendly place, with an attractive crowd, and that beer garden. With views out over the Dandenong Ranges, a free barbecue, and a few drinks, it is a great place to be.

Ben Clissold


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