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Wool Exchange

Wool Exchange

March 10, 2001
FingersMust get this passRest of Max
The Wool Exchange seemed remarkably closed tonight. I hear that it no longer operates as a band venue or nightclub on a Saturday night.

Ben Clissold
October 28, 2000
The Wool Exchange, more commonly known as Wooly has two levels. It is licenced to 3am and is definitely one of, if not the best nightclub in Geelong.

Guys generally dress neat casual to semi-formal and females dress semi-formal. There is no real dress code. The nature is more laid back and the club is mainly used as a friends get together location, so the atmosphere is friendly and most people are in a party mood.

The approximate age range of the crowd: 18 - 25 years
When the crowd arrived: Between 12am and 1am

It is full on most Saturday nights. Some nights it takes longer to fill up than others. The best nights are usually prior to special events in Victoria, and university exam period is understandably a bit quieter.

The DJ, known to the crowd as Jimmy (Jim), plays pop, dance, house, trance, progressive trance, and techno music on the bottom floor (the music gets harder and harder as the night goes on). Dance music is also played on the 2nd level when the band is finished. There is no RnB or Funk music. Various bands play there, some more famous than others (I believe Taxi Ride played there once). Look out for bands touring as many will play at the Wool Exchange.

They have some car racing video games, but they are not a main attraction. The 2nd level has a large projection TV.

The bottom level is quite small, with the dance floor taking up most of the space, so wear your dancing shoes. There is one long bar across the side of the dance floor and the lighting is effective and sufficient for the club's layout. The club lacks sufficient seating. The second level is large, with a stage, dancefloor, two bars and plenty of standing room. It is quite open, however the lighting is not a good as the bottom floor.

Although I have not yet paid for entry, I believe it is $10. Drinks are at regular bar prices, and shots are two dollars for ten minutes after the DJ announces it (bottom level only).

I go there because there are plenty of girls, the music is loud and good, the atmosphere is relaxed and by the end of the night (at 3am) it is more like a rave than a nightclub. It is also dissapointing that they are only licenced 'til 3am.

Mark Spiteri
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