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MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:





557 Lt Collins St, Melbourne

March 18, 2000
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Tatou is a two levelled nightclub, downstairs being a small retro/party anthem section (think Jitterbug - George Michael), with a fairly small dance area, and a large bar. Downstairs also contains Tatou's own medium sized restaurant, with heaps of seating where you and friends can sit around, talk and order snacks 'til fairly late (1-2am). Tatou is a great place to take a heap of friends, sit around a big table and talk, in between ventures to either dancefloor.

The main focus of the club, however, is upstairs. Going up the main stairs you are greeted on either side by comfy chill out couches, a few pool tables (three or so), which are hardly ever free, so get in early, and two bars just off the main dancefloor. The main room at Tatou, is a large dancefloor, comparable in size to most larger clubs, split level with a smaller section higher than the main section near the djs, containing two double levelled podium's, which are great for the inexperienced or less showy clubber, while the top level of the podium and two standard single podium's, will suit any podium king or queen.

The DJ, and occasional dancers are situated at the far wall, high above the dance-floor. Tatou has in my opinion the most mirror balls on the roof this side of a John Travolta movie, and while the lighting at Tatou is fairly good (especially the strobe when the place is pumping), it could be even better with some work. The music played is your dance/house/techno music that's played, hard, and loud, with thumping bass, but the greatest aspect of this club is that the later it gets, the harder the music gets, and as such the more enjoyable for hard-core club heads.

The crowd at Tatou is generally European in appearance, although it is very mixed. People are well dressed, mostly in your classy club wear. Ages range mostly from 19 - 24, seemingly fairly experienced clubbers, who know a good club when they find one. The crowd does not appear to be the friendliest, but is not overtly unfriendly or too pretentious. The place can be fairly empty at 10, fills to about 2/3rds by 11:20, and the dancefloor (up and downstairs), is generally full by 12:20.The crowd at Tatou does thin out over the night, but there are a lot of stayers who'll dance to late on the podiums.

Drink prices are a little on the expensive side ($5 for mixed spirts), though still better than Heat or QBH, and the bars are easy to access. Toilets are ok, especially for the girls, apparently, while the large amount of chill out space and couches ensures that you will have the staying power to hang around late, to when the music is best. Entry is $10, though passes are available for $7, and even currently free entry for two before midnight, which can come in very handy. There is usually a short line, hardly ever more than ten minutes, but dress classy, or you may be rejected.

Mark D
July 31, 1999
Tatou is relatively unknown for a big venue, that is usually pretty full. Those that know it see it as a reasonably classy type of venue, and that is pretty accurate.

The crowd is predominantly European, but certainly not exclusively, and they are very well dressed and behaved. It is definitely not a jeans venue, and somewhere you could wear satin if you had the courage. This is partly a reflection on the age group there, because you find mainly 20-25 year olds. Although it varies a bit from room to room.

The venue is layed out a little like Beach, but it appears even classier, with heaps of glass and brick. Downstairs is a large restaurant area, with heaps of seating and tables, and a bar with a small dancefloor. This room is dominated by cliched party music. The sound was good, and the lighting minimal. It was great to sit and talk in the restaurant with a stack of friends, whilst listening to the music in the background.

Upstairs is one of the biggest dancefloors you will ever see. It is as big as most clubs, with a DJ perched on a stage at the far end. There are a number of podiums in the dancefloor, with minimal, but very effective lighting, and magnificent sound system. This hall grooved to an excellent house/techno mix. Alongside are a couple of large bars, the biggest toilets you have ever seen, and a lounge room with pool tables. It is very classy throughout.

The only problem with this is that I expect they make it exclusive at the door. I think they would make it tough on anyone who does not have the look. If you get past security, it costs $10 to get in, but the drink prices seem to be okay. Still, it cannot be that hard to get in, because the place was pretty busy. We arrived at 10.30 to find a very good crowd, and it was still going strong at 3 when we left.

I have been to Tatou on Saturday twice now; once for the Young Lib Ball after-party and once with my army, and enjoyed it both times. Once we found it, parked, and got through the door it was really a good night. The mood was perfect, the music good, and the restaurant irresistible. We spent most of the night there, in booths, gathered around candles. If you like class, you will love Tatou.

Mark Long
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