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MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:





Daly St, South Yarra

September 2, 2000
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NOTE: Slide is no longer. Groovalicious has taken its place.

Salt nightclub, formerly known as the Warehouse Nightclub, is one of the newest entrants into the 'super club' arena, and its reputation goes before it. Unlike many clubs that do not live up to their reputation, Salt does, and exceeds it.

Not satisfied with a single level, Salt has a large dancefloor on the ground level, and a second level with views over the dancefloor, almost similar to QBH, yet not. After finding your way downstairs, you immediately see why Salt has the reputation it has. The sound system, although for the most part out of eyesight, is fantastically loud, and unlike many clubs, has good sound response, so its not just distorted bass all night.

Beyond the main room and its two bars, there is a sideroom with ample lounge area for kicking back and relaxing, and a smaller dancefloor right next to the DJ booth. This room, like many 'side rooms' at other clubs is for the more dedicated of music fans, generally playing a harder and faster beat, but none the less, fantastic stuff.

The crowd is what you'd expect at a club of this sort. Generally well dressed, although there are always a few exceptions. Unlike a lot of clubs in the Chapel Street area, there didn't appear to be any ego trippers there. Unfortunately though the glow stick trend in nightclubs is catching, and Salt is just another victim of these annoying items.

The doors opened at 11.30pm, which is just the right time for a club that wants to keep out drunks and people who aren't there to dance. The crowd did take a while to build up, but by about 1am the place was packed, and making it from one end to the other took decided skill.

Despite this, the bars were easily accessible, never having to wait more than a minute for service, and the drinks were comparable to any other nightclub in the area. The entry fee is a little higher than the usual six to ten dollar affair, but, go there once, and you will see why. Its worth every cent. Normal entry is $20, however if you're on a guest list, you may get in for free, or the discount rate of $12.

Salt is a nightclub not to be missed, and this summer coming, with big name acts such as Ferry Corsten, DJ Tiesto and Groove Terminator, you would be crazy not to be a part.

Chris Rowland
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