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March 18, 2000
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Saturday is Rosie’s premier night. It was a strange visit for me, because despite things changing since I worked there, many of the same familiar faces remain. I hadn't visited for a few months, but everyone thought it was like old times.

We visited as part of a Berwick Young Liberal function, and it was really the ideal place for such a night out. We arrived before 10 to capitalise on the two for one drinks, and had plenty of opportunity to catch up with each other, and people we knew who dropped by. That is the strength of Rosie's. If you are local, you will know people there, and people you see at other places will talk to you out of the blue. This is why it is reputed as a pick-up joint.

The crowd is a very local one, and a good type of crowd, aged 18 to 25, crossing over with Hallam’s Friday. They dress reasonably, although that surfy look is always popular. In my day, everyone was in by 10pm, nowadays they trickle in so the party starts at 10.30, but really gets going around 1, when everyone comes in after the local 21sts. Despite my best effort to leave at 12.30, I spent about 2 hours in the foyer as old friends continued to arrive.

Rosie’s has only two rooms and a foyer with pool tables, and is a tiny venue by Melbourne standards, but that creates a bit of a vibe. The main room rocks to a party mix, covering the best ‘80s, ‘90s, and current dance. People are welcome to dance on bars or wherever. The room also features two bars, pool tables, TVs, and a pretty fair sound and light show.

For a breath of fresh air, the club also features two beer gardens. In winter only one is open, and they light fires in 44 gallon drums for warmth. Just avoid getting too close in button fly jeans!

The second room is a cocktail lounge/piano bar, which hosted a private party the night of the review. This is a great place to kick back and talk to friends. There are couches, tables, a pool table, and a bar, as well as moody lighting and music. Only the really drunk dance in there, and there are a few of those.

This is because drinks are well priced. Entry was $4 with a pass, and $8 without, but may have been changed back to $5, or you can find a member and get in for nothing.

This is easy because there are so many members, and that is the nature of the club. It is a local, and all the regulars are locals. From the outside, it may be a little cliquey, although it is a pick-up joint. However, it is the local element that makes the club...

Ben Clissold
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