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MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:




Red Ant

127 Russell St, Melbourne

March 10, 2001
FingersMust get this passRest of Max
NOTE: Red Ant is no longer, and this night has now moved to Caseys.

Switch is an alternative night along the lines of Goo and DV8. The crowd is a little 'tamer' than DV8, there are fewer goths and punks but there aren't as many skaters / surfies as Goo (not nearly the number of backwards caps). Age is from 18-late 20s. Its gets full at around 12-12:30 but is never completely packed.

Upstairs there is a main bar, stage and dancefloor in the main room, plus two other rooms with plenty of space to chill out in. Downstairs there are a couple of large rooms with a bar, plenty of seats and a few pool tables.

Drinks are well priced ($1.50 pots before 12) and with the likes of Peter Allan DJing you can't go wrong. The DJs are open for requests. On Saturday, Dino from Fear Factory was there which was a pleasant surprise.

If you've been to Goo and liked it, head over to Switch on Saturday. It won't dissapoint.

Chris Cory
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