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MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:

Party Hard: Surf Gods



Hallam Hotel

Cnr Princes Hwy & Hallam Rd, Hallam

November 24, 2001
Hallam Hotel

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NOTE: The old H is about to undergo renovations. Everything is open as normal, except that most of their night time bands and DJs have moved to Brass Monkey. Shed 7 will be open for the next few weeks.

NOTE: This review is well overdue for an update. Coverband Passionfruit Pulp has taken over the residency after five years of 21/20 and a brief stint from Voodoo Surf Gods. Scotty E has also moved on.

Crisp Saturdays have become a really solid night in recent times. Again the Hallam has come up with a top cover band, 21/20, and excellent support from DJs Scotty E and Disco Dave, playing your favourites.

It is a pretty casual feeling night, but has changed in the last six months. For a while, Saturdays were for the oldies, but recently, the younger set started to accept it and it was really booming, but then exams came at just the wrong time, and the crowds have been variable. The original Hallam Friday set (from two years ago) started moving in, so it was mainly aged 20-25, with a few oldies. It remains a pretty respectable pub crowd, very Australian - do not wear slacks here.

By the Hallamís standards, the crowd arrives late. They do not roll in until after 10.30, but the crowd seemed to have fun, and so it should have. 21/20 and two DJs is great entertainment. 21/20 play a very good commercial band mix much like Crazy Haus, more mainstream than the Flaming Moes.

On Saturday, Shed 7 offers DJ Scotty E, playing a great mix of awesome dance tunes. Scotty plays the greatest of everything, but his RnB and groove set is simply magnificent; right up there with my favourite DJ, Pierro (G-Spot, Pop, and ex Blush). The crowd in here was well dressed, and looked almost classy.

But, it remains a mix of club and pub. The entertainment is good by any standards, and for only $9 or free with a pass before 10.30, you cannot go too far wrong. Drink prices are pretty reasonable, and there are no hassles getting to the bar.

They have almost cracked Saturday now, which is an achievement considering the locals are more likely to travel on Saturday night when they can afford to get home later. However, a great mix of entertainment is the key to attracting a crowd. The Hallam has done that again. It is good at exceeding your expectations for a pub.

Ben Clissold

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Hallam Hotel

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