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MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:

Relax with Max




186 Lygon St, Carlton

May 26, 2001
FingersMust get this passRest of Max
Saturday nights now have a fantastic band downstairs called "stripped & cold" who also play there Sundays acoustic. Bass player Dale is Pean's ex-bass player now with own coverband "Felix" and original band "Gamma Sky".

Lisa Smith
September 30, 2000
I have been to Downunder a few times now, each time on a nightclub bus tour. After three attempts, this is the first time I have seen it actually work. You see, there were a stack of bus tours on Saturday, and they all seemed to arrive at Downunder together, creating a good vibe upstairs, and a relaxed one downstairs.

The crowd is a mix of nightclub tourists, and locals. It is more like a pub than a club, and is very ocka in its appearance (and sections of the crowd). As such, there seems to be no dress code, or a very relxed one. The local nature, too, attracts all ages. The locals are older, many in their thirties and beyond, whilst the nightclub tourists are 18-25, and better dressed.

Our bus arrived somewhere after 11, and it was the first of about six buses. We were directed upstairs, which was fairly quiet until we woke the venue. Our groups filled the dance floor, and most of the top level.

You enter off Lygon Street, into the pub area. To your left is a bar, and a stage. To your right are some stairs up, and at the back are some pool tables, and video games. There is often a small band on the stage, that encourage a bit of karaoke styled singing from the drunk ocka crowd. In the background you hear pub and alternative classics.

Upstairs is more clubby, but broken up with fun R&B cover band Relax with Max. As you enter the room, there are bars left and right, a bit of seating scattered around, and the stage and large dancefloor in the back left corner. The stage hosts the band and the DJ, and the dancefloor stays fairly busy to a commercial mix, with a few party classics thrown in. The DJ was okay.

I quite enjoy Relax with Max, and the music provided by the DJ upstairs was good. Granted, the place was struggling without the bus-loads of tourists, but they made the night. I had a lot of fun this time, but it has taken three goes.

Ben Clissold
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