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MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:




Bobby McGee’s

Cnr Exhibition & Little Bourke Sts, Melbourne

October 6, 2001
Bobby McGees

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Bobby McGees is best known for fun and classy crowds. Its signature nights are Mondays and Wednesdays, which are classy younger crowds. Saturday is angled a little differently. It is now targetted to over 28s with the new night AO. The crowd is all ages from 21-45, but they want to create a night that offers an escape from the 18-23s that dominate the Melbourne scene, and they want to do it with the style Bobby's is famous for.

As is normal for Bobby's, the crowd dress well. No denim here. The dress code for guys is a full buttoned collared shirt, and people do dress up. Many theatre goers finish up at Bobby's, which lifts the standards even further. Like most over 28 nights, the crowd is very friendly, or perhaps more relaxed.

The crowd comes in after dinner. It probably peaks at about 11.30 or midnight, just after the theatres finish for the night. There is also a rush at about 1pm when people come in for after-parties, and things. The size of the crowd is largely dependant on the number of hens nights too. I can't think of a venue that sees more Saturday hens nights.

At this stage, they'd be happy with the crowds. AO is a new night, and it always takes time to get an over 28s night going. They are getting the right people in at the moment, and are happy to let it develop in its own way. They aren't too concerned about the age group that attends, but it is not a place for 18-21s.

Bobby’s is one room, with a submerged dancefloor right in the middle, with DJ booth at its side, encouraging requests. Around the outside are walkways, and places to stand and a handful of seats. The walls and three bars are decked out to look like a cityscape. The scenery makes it look bigger than it is. Though not extravagant, the lighting is fairly effective.

The dancefloor bopped to a typically Bobby’s mix, of the best of all eras, with plenty of top 40 mixed in. They did not have the singalongs, competitions, or performers, like Mondays, but the DJs involved the crowd well. There are also video games if you want something else to do.

The prices seemed okay, but none of my crew were drinking that night. Entry is $5, and drinks seemed to be standard nightclub prices. They also had drink specials at different times of the night.

Bobby’s on Saturday represents a good night. If you are looking for a good place for a party, with a more mature crowd, who dress pretty well, this is it.

Ben Clissold

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Bobby McGees

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