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MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:




303 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

August 14, 1999
FingersA fifties beach feel!Rest of Max
I have been to Beach on Saturday twice now. The most recent time on a Young Lib nightclub tour. The first time I was on a bit of a marketing mission, so wrote down a handful of expectations, most of which proved to be wrong. I thought Brunswick was a long way from the city; it is not. I expected a European crowd, and house music; I found party music, with an R&B bent, and a crowd somewhere between Pop and Lipstick. When I saw the place I thought it was small; it was huge. “Surprising” explains Saturday at Beach.

The crowd was predominantly Australian the first time, but has swung a little more European, and is reasonably well dressed. This is definitely a no flannel and denim zone. However, in a club called Beach, Hawaiian shirts are almost acceptable, but this is almost a fairly classy sort of place. However, unlike most of Melbourne’s classier clubs, there is very much a fun attitude about. This made the crowd quite friendly. This is not so surprising, as the crowd is a little more mature, with the majority aged 20-25. People this age tend to not be so reserved; they ain’t backwards in coming forward. This is really the aim of the night.

They used to have bands in the main room, but they have reverted to DJs playing a good commercial dance mix, with a slight house bent.

The venue itself is reminiscent of Tatou, and is even more difficult to park near. It is two levels, and feels pretty classy. Downstairs is reception, a cocktail bar, and a restaurant area. They are all decked out in beach or hut theme. The only problem with the cocktail lounge, where you also find accoustic duos, is despite its warm tonings, it gets very cold because of its proximity to the door. Upstairs is a pool room and dance room. The pool room is large, and classy looking. It is wood paneled and has a view of Sydney Road. The dance room is huge, bigger than the upstairs dancefloor at Tatou. A stage is located on the back wall along with the raised and difficult to access DJ booth. There are plenty of bars, and a great deal of seating throughout the venue.

I once described Beach as a club with plenty of potential, now it is fulfilling that. Big crowds, good atmosphere, it is a good feeling venue. It is a very loungy type of club, with heaps of decent music for those with more energy. If you want a change from Heat or Tatou, Beach is a great option.

Ben Clissold
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