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MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:





1 Regency Drv, Narre Warren

November 19, 1999
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Closed down

This is a wierd review for me to write, because it’s a place where the DJ used to grab the mike and tell everyone that I had arrived for the evening. But I was not alone on that count, and that is the sort of place Rosie’s was. It has changed since those days, new owners, DJs, and fewer people since Bullwinkle's (now Shed 7) opened, but it is still a local hang out, and everyone knows everyone else.

It is based in Narre Warren, only ten minutes from Dandenong, so draws a crowd from Dandenong through to Warragul. Most come from Berwick, Narre, and Pakenham, and you get all types. Now it is really just a home to the regulars.

It is difficult for me to discuss the nature of the crowd, because I mainly hang-out with my friends down there, so I reckon its pretty friendly, but I would imagine it would be seen as cliquey to an outsider. Still, it has a reputation as a pick-up venue.

Rosie’s is more like a pub with a good DJ, than anything else, and T-shirts are way to commonly seen to place it as a nightclub. You were meant to be turned away in T-shirts, but the club has given up on that. It used to be busy from 10.00, reaching capacity by 11.00, but since Bullwinkle's (now Shed 7) opened, it has been much quieter. The upside of this, is that you can move through the place. With entry at $3 with a pass, and music well suited to the area, it should do okay, but is being knocked about by Hallam’s massive Friday, and the Bezza.

The venue itself is tiny, but like Stadium, that adds to the atmosphere. It has three small rooms, but also has two beer gardens which are a great place to hang out. The main room is where it all happens. A small dancefloor is the focus, in front of the DJ booth, located right in the middle of the room.

From there the DJ plays a mix with something for everyone. Plenty of requests, and everything from house to pub rock. For a small club the sound system is good, and the above average lightshow really adds to the mood. This room also has two bars and a pool table.

Attached is a foyer with pool table and TVs for catching the footy scores. The third room is a cocktail lounge/dining room. A great place to sit and talk with friends, although, the coverband GaGa now reside there. The back door leads to the second beer garden. There is plenty of seating around the place, but bars can be busy, although the prices are reasonable when you get there. There are no video games, but for extra entertainment, the bar staff often dance on the bar.

I have so many memories and friends there and it is so close to home that it is impossible for me to not drop in occasionally. Sadly, the popularity of Hallam’s Friday has quietened what was a great night. If only it was as good as it was when I was working there.

Ben Clissold
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