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September 29, 2000
FingersMust get this passRest of Max
At Jooce on the Protein nights, many different people go there. Most are quite friendly. There are a few smokers but not too many. Girls wore lots of bright, tight, colourful clothes and guys wore just t-shirts and cargos things like that. Some guys wore formal(black pants shirt) things but not too many.

There were people from 13 -17 of age. The Protein nights at Jooce in Ringwood are every second Friday from 6.00pm 'til 11.00 pm. Most people came at around 7.30 - 8.00. It was very busy but not too busy.

There are 3 rooms. The first one has a DJ playing dance, techno, house and a bit of pop. There are lots of bright lights and things that let off smoke, and there are a few platforms.

The second room was very busy. I didn't stay for long because if I went in too far, it would have been very hard to get out. I noticed it played R&B music and a bit of rock.

The next one was where the live bands played usually rock music. There are pool tables, video games, and a lounge area to have a rest and a sit down. There is a bar that has soft drinks and water. To get into Jooce it is $15 but the drinks are unlimited and free.

Sarah Rushbrook
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