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MAX MOOSE Melbourne Review:





303 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

July 16, 1999
FingersColourfulRest of Max
Free entry for girls, free drinks for girls, and a competition: “Who looks best in their little black dress?”. You would assume they were desperate to get more girls in the place, but tell a girl about the deal, and she is there with bells on.

A couple of friends: Steph and Fiona, heard about the deal and dragged us there. We feared the worst, but were very pleasantly surprised. Not only was there a decent crowd, but there was an even spread of guys and girls, and a good type of crowd.

Much like Beach’s Saturday, the crowd is a bit of a surprise. Despite the club being located in Brunswick, the crowd is not as European as you would expect, and even though a guy would probably get in wearing good jeans and a T-shirt, most people choose to wear collars. I gather most are fairly local, but the majority seemed like student types, aged 19-24, and there were plenty of them.

We arrived pretty early, somewhere around ten, at which time people were plenty of people around the venue, and a few gathering near the dancefloor. By about eleven it was pretty busy, and the dancefloor was moving. By midnight, it was close enough to full, and the dancefloor was packed.

The venue itself has two levels. You enter off Sydney Rd, into the downstairs foyer, with a tropical restaurant/lounge area left, and stairs. They take you to the second level, with a large pool room, and big danceroom with a bit of seating, a bar, a stage, and heaps of places to dance. There is not much in the way of lighting effects, but there are a few podiums, and the DJ is accessible for requests.

The dancefloor gets going to some easy R&B, followed with current top forty and classics to build up the vibe. After that, it is into commercial house tunes, and you had better believe the crowd get into it. For those not into dancing, there is a selection of free drinks for girls, pool tables, and an interesting promotion: “Who looks best in their little black dress?” A competition where the contestants parade their sexiest little black dress.

Entry is free for girls, and $8 for blokes, or free with a pass. Drink prices seemed pretty fair, especially for girls who can choose from a selection of free drinks. The drinks are not your standard mixes, but they are nice, full strength, punch type drinks. The Malibu and pineapple one was especially good, and Steph assured me the strawberry one was great too.

This will probably be one of those nights that develops a reputation. It is successful because of the drink specials, and it will be interesting to see how long the special offer lasts. It is a good night, especially for the girls.

Ben Clissold
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