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It has been a while since I saw Zero, but I remember a harsh comment from a mate, the first time we saw them: “Is that the name or a rating out of ten?”. Since then they have improved markedly, but are yet to really crack it on the cover band scene.

They play a very grungy, alternative mix, not dissimilar to Slumberyard. They do it pretty well, with close sounds and lyrics, but they are not yet as good as Grunt. Their ideal crowd is young, 18-21, with a grungy desire.

I cannot remember much about their crowd interaction, but they were definitely moshable, with plenty of current stuff to sing along to. Despite this, they have not proven to be big crowd pullers yet.

They are a little raw, but definitely a band to see when you feel like thrashing around in a mosh-pit. There is nothing wrong with their play list, and they are probably not far away from a big gig.

Ben Clissold @