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White Man Canít Reggae

Fri @ Angel Tavern

Saturday, August 5, Ď00
The first time you see White Men, they are great, but each time after that, they become less novel. You see, they play covers of party music in reggae. They donít stop at UB40 (which they play a lot of), they will cover even current top 40 in a reggae kind of way. At first it is unique, then funny, then annoying. However, that first and second time are great, and if you havenít seen them for a year, they are funny again.

It is a smallish band, of only three or four members, dressed in reggae theme. They are very entertaining to just about all markets, because they play a mix of party music from all eras. It is all stuff you will know, but it is just different to the way you usually hear it. They are very accurate with the words, and all the reggae remixes are well done.

They are the kings of crowd interaction. We had them one lunchtime at Monash, and they easily had the best crowd reaction of any cover band we ever had there. Hundreds of students were swaying along, enjoying laybacks, and singing their lungs out. Quite a few even scored free White Men CDs, which were given quite a workout at parties.

Sadly, however, this crowd reaction does not convert to big crowds, because their novelty runs out and their play list is predictable. They tend not to last at one venue for too long.

Definitely a band with great novelty value, and terrific entertainment. You see them when you want something different, or when you are over the last time you saw them. If you havenít seen them, go and have a look.

Ben Clissold @