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Saturday @ Glenferrie Hotel
They dont play very good songs for dancing too. They used to be much
better...crowd has died down a lot too. Band needs a re-vamp.
Jane, Bentleigh, Fri Feb 10 17:51:19 2006
Sunday, December 26, Ď99
Vibe play mostly Top 40 hits with a few of the old favorites like Jessie's Girl and Hot Hot Hot, but don't let that put you off. Anthony the lead singer has one of the most versatile voices I have heard in a long time. He can sing anything from Matchbox 20 to Tom Jones to Shania Twain and you won't be dissappointed. With top a bass guitarist, guitar player and a legend of a drummer to make the sound unique. If you look closely enough on the Denise show on channel 7 you may just spot Paul drumming away.

For the beginning of 2000 their only gigs are Saturdays @ The Glenferrie Hotel and Sundays @ The Cove in Pattersons Lakes but keep an eye out for them elsewhere.

And just for the record anyone who ever saw a band called KICK play around town you may notice that apart from the bass player the rest of the band are very familiar.


Saturday November 6 Ď99

Here is a brief summary provided through Club Goss...

Saturday nights at the Glenferrie Hotel in Hawthorn are great. They have a cover band called Vibe playing the latest hits and some favourite oldies. This band also play in Geelong on Friday nights and The Cove in Patterson Lakes on Sundays. They draw a great crowd.

Jody @