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Fri @ Pool Room

Saturday @ Arcadia
well i love arcadia full stop. i go there every single night of the week.
Tony, Malvern, Fri Sep 1 18:06:02 2006
Saturday @ Arcadia
Are Velveteen one of those desperate bands that post three posts about
themselves in 15 minutes? - Yes.
Tim, Fri Sep 1 16:23:05 2006
Saturday @ Arcadia
Saturday Nights at Arc rock, band is good and the girls are hot!
James, Hawthorn, Fri Sep 1 16:15:08 2006
Saturday @ Arcadia
The band at Arcadia on Saturday night rock my world!!
Bridget, Richmond, Fri Sep 1 16:11:55 2006
Saturday @ Arcadia
We love Arcadia on a Saturday Night!! The band is awesome!!
K & J, Malvern, Fri Sep 1 16:00:20 2006