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Urban Playboys

Sun @ Yacht Club Hotel (Williamstown)

Sunday, September 17, Ď00
I saw the Urban Playboys for the first time the other month (June 2000), at the Yacht Club Hotel in Williamstown. Not really know as a band venue, this place had the best (and friendliest) atmosphere I have seen in ages - cute security guys too! I have been every week since to see this band.

When the Urban Playboys came on stage (to some crazy, funky play on music), they looked like a bunch of guys straight out of the 70's. Kind of like the Stone Cold Boners, but different. Some people could actually compare them to the Stone Cold Boners, in terms of musical styles but. They are all sensational musicians, especially the guitarist (Ernie Devlin 2000 is his nickname) - he goes off! But it would be unfair to make that comparison.

They are much better all round, especially between songs - which if you hadn't guessed are pretty much all retro, more of that later. In between songs, all the guys up the front of the band crack very funny jokes, talk amongst themselves and to the crowd in a very funny way. Sometimes they have the whole room in stitches, and no one seems to get bored.

They play a mix of 70's and 80's classic disco/dance music and then they seem to slip in a few 60's gems, like Magic Carpet Ride and She's Not There. It's so cool. And just when you you thought you had heard it all, suddenly the guitarist might start playing an old AC/DC tune (just for fun), or Bryan Adams' Summer of '69. You just don't know what they are going to do next. They even get their friends (from other popular bands) up on stage with them to sing and play songs.

As I wrote earlier, all the guys (there are six of them) are very talented on their respective instruments, one of them (Norton is his nickname) has a crazy voice when he start singing Bee Gees songs and does a great version of Groove is in The Heart and the Nutbush.

Their energy on stage is infectious, you can't help but dance and get involved. They give away free drikcards - it helps to be a girl to get one, and they appeal to a wide variety of people - of all shapes and sizes and ages, male or female. I think these guys used to be in that great disco band C5 who used to play at the Mercury Lounge. I will have to ask them.

So, all round these guys have won me, and stacks of others, over with their great retro/dance music, excellent clothes, terriffic sense of humour, and amazing on stage presence. They are very professional.

You should make your way down to the Yacht Club on Sunday nights (around 10pm they start) for a great fun - and early-ish night. It's a great pub too.

nb. I believe they are having a party for their second year of Sundays at the Yacht Club at some time in October. I'll be there, it sounds like it will go off!

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